Saturday, March 08, 2014

Breathing Easy

Life is confusing for me right now. I'm trapped between two phases of life, and blogging is like revisiting an old friend and not knowing whether I should lapse back into the old slang we used to speak in or accept that we've grown a little.

I used to to blog straight out of my mind, thoughtlessly and without purpose or aim. I don't know how people have such purpose to their writing. I write purely for catharsis, or when I have something I NEED to get out of my head in the world. After attending my Flash Fiction elective, I crossed this point of no return. I cannot go back to my old style of writing because I can't go back to my old style of thinking.

I don't think my mind will ever be full of novel and intriguing ideas, ever. My mind has always been relatively empty (that's why I can relate to Emmett) and when people used to ask me "what are you thinking about", I usually say nothing.

Today was a an especially great day because I hung out with Tiffy and sang silly Taiwanese songs all the way through the night Weeyang and Evan. It was so much fun!!

Thanks Papa