Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Eyes Are Shooting Sparks

So it's 3.49. This is going to be another one of those stream-of-consciousness-not-really-worth-reading blog posts that I'm not going to think about and just write because I feel like typing and my head is full of peaceful things and calm things.

Well, my music taste recently has been freaking me out. I seem to have become very bored of my iTunes playlist which is full of Anya Marina, Drums and FUN --- songs I used to play on repeat over and over again. It seems now all I feel like listening are really old songs like Lemon Tree and tacky Chinese New Year songs like 大地回春. There are two feasible explanations for this.

1. I'm so tired that some things get a little loose up there
2. I'm old

Both these explanations inspire little confidence in me.

No matter, no matter. I'm glad to report that my friends have really strange music tastes too, and upon my suggestion of performing 大地回春 for the CAMPOS dinner this Friday, Bryant automatically went and listened to the song (the Ah Boys to Men version) on loop until he came up with a jazzy sorta arrangement for it. These people, they blow me away. Just when I think I've seen everything, that I've experienced and learnt about them as much as I could, they surprise me.

Today we have a Student Government Constitution Convention thingamajig where people propose drafts for our YNC government Constitution and it was pretty awesome to hear some of things my friends had to say. We were deciding between a senate, a traditional hierarchical council and a FEUDALISTIC HUNGER GAMES type constitution called The Silverman Games. It was generally a very exciting experience. I'm awful with these constitutional-like things because it's like my mind hates thinking about these things. It's rather frustration because I want to be serious and thoughtful about these government constitutional stuff (because it's important, right) but sometimes I just can't bring myself to care. All I can think about is how fun it would be to have Alphas in the Silverman Games and I imagine myself part of the clan cheering and doing war dances and yelling the Chieftain. Sometimes I'm so immature it kills me.

I love my friends, though, and I really thank God for allowing me to meet such amazing classmates because I'm learning so much from them. From Rio, how to stand by what you believe, from Kei, Carmen and Nia to make an effort to bring the community together through administrative precision. From Adrian and Zach an optimism, from Liam and Nick the importance of formalities and being professional. Although I cannot see things from their point of view (because I generally prefer having fun over being mature and overly serious about things) I do understand how the Silverman Games could come off as unprofessional and inefficient and adversarial. However, I believe that it really would be exciting to try a new style of, as Carmen calls it "trial by fire" since we have a chance now.

Also just now TY returned my my papaya container with nice presents inside and it made me so happy. And Carmen and Vangey and Nia and I had such a fun time studying downstairs (QR maths proofs and talking about Vi Hart, myths, Tolkien (as always), Journey to the West, Locke, and politics. It was AWESOME. Then before that I met Qing Puppy and Jierong and how wonderful it was to see their faces again and hug them and talk about life and meeting and I felt so delighted. And now I'm so tired I can form coherent thoughts in my head any longerrrr so I shall crash now but thank you thank you thank you thank for today. Amen.


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