Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Second Week of School

So Cara texted me randomly. 
She screen-shotted a page from my older posts. My old blogposts when I was 11. 

I typed. like this!!!!!! like seriosly, omg. I was like, SO BAD AT SPELLING!!!!!!

And I put. Like. Fullstops. Like everywhere. 

And added extremly redundant spaces!!!

To add emphasis on my words.!!!

It is mortifying to read them. I cringed so much I nearly had a face-cramp. They were absolutely hilarious though. It's good to know how much I've changed since I was 11. Though I'll give it to myself... I didn't have the spelling, but I did have spirit. 

Reading Qing's blog (and speaking of Qing's blog, it is AWESOME.) has gotten me in the mood of blogging again. It feels odd to blog without something to say though. I think I'll just lapse back into my usual diary style cuz that seems to be the only thing that works for me now.

Dear Lord,

It's been a wonderful two days. Thank you so much. I've been having a gorgeous week, it's like you blessings abound and tip over the edge, making mea burbling pool of contentment and joy. Although there was a point on Friday I felt really awful and down, but I attribute it comfortably to women-ly emotional coasters, insecurity, and general tiredness. Thank you God for blessing me with Loopy who (amazingly) was up at an inhuman hour doing who-knows-what... and she listened as a sobbed down the phone like a hungry baby at midnight.

Thank you Lord for giving the boys a fantastic basketball game on Saturday. It was a great great game against Yusuf Ishak House, and the boys played really really hard. They sprinted across the court in what seemed to me like seconds, pushing themselves to win. I loved Subhas's technique of leading and also his sportsmanship. It's inspiring.

Oh wow, there's so much more to thank you for Lord. The wonderful dinner with Tara and John Reid at my place, and then we went off to a playground, where I heard poetry from them...


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