Thursday, June 28, 2012

With A Little Love From My Friends

Sometimes I cannot understand why my friends love me. I'm irresponsible, I forget to reply texts, I'm never at my handphone, I colour in their birthdays in my calendar with pretty markers but ON THE WRONG DATE, I'm overly preoccupied with my work and don't make enough time for them, haven't been to any of their gigs, think that they were out shopping for overpriced goods when they were actually buying a gift for me. 

I feel so overpowered by their love, so overwhelmed, so grateful, that they could love someone as imperfect, as flawed, as broken as I am. That is what friends are, I suppose. Not people who love you because of your character, but people who love you despite it, and who will endeavor to love you always.

Sitting now in a muted pink cage beside my bed, Wolverine (named spontaneously by his Papa JS and after his abnormally sharp nails) now resides in my home. However, he will always be our, all together, our little baby. 

JS, Jon, Cars, you guys bring me joy :) Thank you for being my friend.