Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Heaven of Animals
Do terrapins go to heaven? I reckon so. I really hope so, too. It might be a result of my cult-obsessive reading of the Narnia series, or from that innate idealism which always gets in the way of practicalities. According to the bible, though, we're going to see our pets in heaven. (Maybe that's why atheists call Christianity "consolation".)

From the book of Genesis,

 “To every animal of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens and to every creeping thing on the earth, in which is a living soul, every green plant is given for food.”
Genesis 1:30
Animals have souls. 

The Peaceable Kingdom, painting by Edward Hicks;
 Credit Wikimedia Commons

Loopy's terapin, Mr Turtle The Second, died today. We didn't know it had died until we googled "How to tell if your terrapin is dead", and poked his head various times to find that it had stiffened. 

Loopy: I think it's dead.
Me: I don't know. Google says that we should wait at least 72 hours, because its hard to tell with terrapins. They say to wait till its limbs fall out and starts to smell. Ugh.
Loopy: It's dead. My Aunty says if you poke it in the head and it doesn't move, it's dead.
Me: Alright then poke it and see!
Loopy: I don't wanna, you do it!
Me: *poke*
Mr Turtle The Second: *is still*
Me: *poke*
Mr Turtle The Second: *remains still* 

Me: *poke*
Mr Turtle The Second: *remains still* 
Me: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*
Mr Turtle The Second: *remains still*
Loopy: It's dead.
Me: Sigh. I guess so. Shall we have a burial?
Loopy: Yes.

Loopy was really sad because Mr Turtle The Second was the smallest of her terrapins, and as she said put it, the cutest. We used a wedding gift box from a few years ago as the casket and lined it with tissue so give Mr Terrapin the Second a respectable send-off. 

We brought his body to the park outside my house and used plastic spoons and chopsticks to dig a little hole for him. It was right beside the beautiful new connection to the Kallang River from Bishan Park. We reckoned he should be buried where he might have longed to be- in the river, with rocks and fishes.

After a short prayer and a song (Loopy said to sing a song but I couldn't think of any so I sang Amazing Grace. I didn't think it was a completely appropriate song though. I kept cracking up in the beginning because it seemed such an absurd song. But I've never presided over a funeral before, so I cut myself some slack.)

We allowed his friend (who I assume is Mr Turtle) to say his final farewell to Mr Turtle The Second before Loopy brought him to see the Turtle Doctor. She said all her terrapins were falling ill. I found it intriguing that she paid more than $20 dollars to provide medical treatment for a terrapin that costs $2, but thats the love for a pet for you.

After that, I went for a short jog with my brother, before going on a longer one after that myself. I was thinking about animals, and heaven, and it was a strange jog. Also my brother was being exceedingly and surprisingly sweet.
Marcus: Jie, I don't think you should go and run in Bishan Park by yourself at night. It is very dangerous. Do you know there were 6 dead bodies found in some reservoir recently? 
Me: Really! Which one? Peirce? MacRitche? 
Marcus: No, no I don't remember- it was some Paya Lebar reservoir. Better not, better not. You run the other way, its better.
Me: Okay (:

-Halfway through my jog-
*Phone buzzes*

Me: Hello?
Marcus: Eh Jie are you okay anot? Dad says if you got into any trouble it will be my responsibility because I didn't take care of you. Aiya I should have come run with you. You better be okay ah.
Me: Hahaha! I promise. 

Teehee <3

Dear Lord, I pray that Mr Turtle The Second is happy where-ever he is.


Wicked Song Of The Day: Wonderful

Elphaba, where I come from, 
we believe all sorts of things that aren't true
We call it-- History.

A man's called a traitor 
or a liberator
A rich man's a thief 
or a philanthropist
Is one a crusader
or a ruthless invader?

It's all in which label
is able to persist

There are precious few at ease 
with moral ambiguities
So we act as if they don't exist!