Sunday, November 27, 2011


Before IB ended, I promised myself that the moment I had finished my exams, I would devote my freshly freed up time to annoying my siblings. The result, I am proud to report, was two days of revelries around town with my brother and sister in tow.

Yesterday, I dragged my younger brother to town to watch Puss in Boots. I desperately wanted to see You Are The Apple of my Eye (and I still want to see it), and we discussed the possibility of passing my younger brother off as a 16-year old midget because the show is NC16, but he backed out because he claimed my "crying and yelling" about how "HE ALWAYS HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF DISCRIMINATION. WHY. WHY. WHY?!?!?" would be too humilitating for him.

So we ended up seeing Puss In Boots- and it was, to put it plainly, bad. I sat in the cinema, thinking that the entire movie was vaguely dissatisfying. Think The Adventures of Jack Sparrow, but instead of a handsome, eccentric wacko as the main character, you have a cartoon cat who has childhood issues, minus all the dreadlocks, pirate slang and grittiness. I thought Puss was alot better as a fringe character, because as a main character, and although he was funny, he wasn't enough to work with as a primary character. I would have liked to see more fairy tale characters integrated, and a more intricate building up of their personalities.

But either way, my brother enjoyed himself. We both had Pasta-mania before the movie, and Marcus got really hot and bothered cause I wanted to know if they would change the number of the "We Have Served 1 4 8 7 9 9 8 6 Plates of Pasta" sign hanging outside the kitchen. The numbers are removable and changable, and I they could have won my eternal loyalty had they agreed to change the last number plate to "8" after my brother's cabonara and my aglio. But upon inquiry, I was told that "we never change it, it's for fun". I was desperately crushed, and my brother said I was being embarrassing again, although I cannot see why.

We had an hour and a half to kill before our movie, and so we traipsed down to Scape, where there was a massive Volunteer Day Exhibition going on. We were hopelessly lost because Scape is a very unnecessarily confusing place. Following the instructions on the awesome promotional balloons I had gotten from the volunteers along Orchard Road, we finally found the exhibition hidden below the flea-market, in some underground Scape area. It seemed like the only people around were middle-aged men with their families and school excursions, but we didn't much mind.

We went to have a look, and walked through a miniature little man-made forest while the guide expounded on the importance of preserving Singapore's biodiversity through Bio-Cameras, and Weed-plucking. We learnt about the Singapore Guide Dog Association, and how guide-dogs would immediately switch into professional-mode when their harness was put on. I loved how incredible it was that they were so similar to us. How we code-switch- when we wear formal suits and dresses we immediately straighten our backs, and try to remember with fork and knife to use for which course,   compared to when we are sloppy in our FBTs and baggy tees. I was really intrigued, and spent a good 15 minutes talking to the lady at the booth.

After the movie, we went to redeem some free food at the Volunteer Exhibition, where we got free Haagen Dazs Sticky Chocolate ice cream, curry puffs, and Gloria-Jeans coffee and ham and cheese sandwiches. FREE, completely free. It felt absolutely brilliant to eat free food- said JS who later joined us

"Don't you feel uncomfortable that we're the only ones here who seem to be without a purpose and just pigging out? Almost everyone is in uniform, or from some volunteer organisation."

And I said

So we ate and ate and later with our tummies all filled, managed to meet a Minister who was at the convention, and then I got to further embarrass Markie by swinging beads along Orchard Road. It's really alot easier than it looks, much like hula-hooping, except with a gigantic set of beads. Worst thing was, my jeans had slipped down a little during the bead-swinging, and that was really terrible because the old Bead-Swinging Man and me had gathered a rather huge audience. I asked my brother later what colour they were (my undies), and tragically, I had worn my purple undies that day. Of all the colours to wear :(

Then three of us got ourselves sugar rushes at Candilicious with Sour Tube Candy that cost 5 dollars, and when my brother and I walked through the door when we got home we crashed really bad. I felt like my mind was shutting down on me, closing the blinds, saying goddnight prematurely, and it went all dark and nice.

TODAY, I managed to convince both my sister and brother to come with me to the Toy Museum at Seah Street. It was hilarious to see their faces as we had to walk 5 levels of old toys, old Mickey Mouses which cost $35K, creepy looking dolls, tops, and marbles. You would think anyone would like to see colourful toys- but apparently not. They dragged their feet around like pieces of lead and complained about how ridiculous it all was.

Mei: Omg this is so gross. I am so creeped out right now. Like seriously. I am really, honestly creeped.

Jonny, added some fuel to the fire by adding:

"Yeah I think they told us to start from the 5th floor so as we slowly make our way down to 1st floor they prepare to kill us on the 1st level".

I have to admit the dim lighting, the glassy eyes and multiple clownish toys was rather creepy, but REALLY NOW, what about cultural capital and all that?

I rather enjoyed it, it was nice to see the development of toys from being distinctly national (Japanese toys were easily distinguishable from, say China-made toys before the 1960s). And then when it hit the Swinging Sixties, the toys became more and more homogenous. It was nice to imagine those 50 years ago, children playing with dolls and cars, monkey marching bands and marbles instead of Angry Birds and Wii. Touching things and using their imagination to amuse themselves instead of staring at screens which don't leave much room for creative thought.

All in all, I think, my weekend with my brother and sister was brilliant.
How I thank god that I have them. :D

"Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah 
I will not let you go"

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