Friday, November 25, 2011

Botanic Gardens
I like to think that little kids sometimes have the most important lessons to teach us. We often think we have lots to to impart to them, with our wealth of knowledge and experience, and we miss out on what they have to teach us. I reckon children are lots smarter than we give them credit for. They retain that wide-eyed curiosity that we lose with age, and it give them an edge over us.

Today Eu and I take her brother Eusebius to Botanic Gardens, and I learn lots from him. He's a brilliant kid, and I reckon he knows more about what art is than many of us do.

Here is his take on art, M&Ms, and picnic food.
"Art tastes like ham."

And it does! I would know; I tried it.

Botanic Gardens is beautiful. It's even more beautiful with a wonderful friend like Eu, a nice book, and a cute kid. Even though I spent an hour walking from the MRT end of Botanic Gardens to Swan Lake, and even though we had to make multiple trips to the Cool Room which, was, according to Eusebius, "super cool, get it?", and had to eat mushy M&Ms in ham, it was a wonderfully satisfying morning.

Quote of The Day:
"Okay then, you lead the way, smart girl."
- Eusebius

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