Thursday, September 01, 2011

So They Stuck To The Small Things

It's teacher's-day-cum-last-day-of-school-sort-of.
After my jog, I looked out from my balcony and into the black-dark sky, into the wind, the wide expanse of space, and felt like an insignificant ink dot in the passing of time. 

To survive my insignificance, I have decided to stick to the small things, the small blessings, the small gifts from my good old God. I can think of many small things, but today will begin with someone who left me with many things- memories, laughter, and joy. 

So, here goes. 


I've never had a teacher who came close to what Ms Eu was to me- she seemed like a little 5 year old child stuck in an adult's body. She yelled, she jumped, she hopped, she pranced around barefoot, she threw food at us, she brandished marker pens like a samurai sword and threatened the boys with castration. She told us the lamest jokes, drew the most immature pictures you could ever, ever imagine. 

And this crazy lady taught me how to think, she gave me confidence in my writing, she updated me about world affairs, and always, brought joy to my week. 

So, Ms Eu:
For the first lesson when you screamed strange things like YOU NEHS NEHS and jumped around like a patient from the mental asylum.
For never judging. 
For caring so much that you grabbed your Xstudent to help our class with oral.
For always being the happiest, craziest teacher to us, no matter your mood. 
For understanding us hormonal teenagers.
For stuffing us with food like we were your favorite little farm animals.
For treating us all as individuals.
For making me laugh so hard I cried every. single. lesson.
For saying Joel brought his whole family to the first SOT lesson+dog (because everytime I think about it -even now- I crack up like a loony)
For introducing me to the world with videos.
For not only teaching at, but learning with us.
For talking to me after/before lessons and asking me how I was doing.
For buying me my first piƱata .
For trying so, so, hard. 

And most of all, for loving us all. 

Thank you, Ms Eu. 
Happy Teachers Day(:

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