Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Just A Kid 

18- that's me. Once again, it is past midnight, at 1:28am and I'm freezing in my study room with my hairs standing on end and cold seeping into my bones. I've flung my window wide open so the chilly air can come about me and keep me company.

On my birthday, I was reminded of how much I didn't deserve my friends who came down to my house to surprise me even though they had history/math/geog papers the next week, and even though I had done nothing to warrant such absolute loveliness.

In the morning at 830am my mother pounced on me like a great hunting cat and yelled at me to WAKE UP CHILD AND GET DOWNSTAIRS BECAUSE GRACE IS WAITING. I was all annoyed and rather disoriented and said "Why you getting so uptight, mom! I told her 830!"

And she said NNNNRGHHHH.

And I said NRGGHHHH back.

So I woke up and got downstairs (in my PJs) because Grace was waiting. We were supposed to have a nice breakfast together somewhere, and I was perplexed because I had told Grace to come up to my house but instead she stayed downstairs to wait for me.

SUDDENLY across my condominium's green field ran Hanjie (yes HJ you totally spoiled it XD hahaha not really) and then from the behind the bushes out popped the heads of Carissa, Je Sern, Jonnaye and Krystal shouting SURPRISE or HAPPY BIRTHDAY or something along those lines but I cannot remember because I was much too speechless and stunned. I was floored, because it never crossed my mind that they would have come down on a Saturday morning just for me. Plus, I had been practicing my shocked face for Monday when Carissa would surprise me in school. (See prev post)

They dragged me down a looneytoones themed party with hats and paperplates and table cloths and we all dined on the yummiest Macdonalds pancakes I'd ever eaten. I HAD ALWAYS WANTED A PICNIC BREAKFAST WITH LITTLE HATS AND PLATES (,: It was the most awesome birthday breakfast I had ever eaten. My heart was all bursty because I was so absolutely touched- these guys had prelims the next week, (Carissa had history and bio, and JS maths, HJ maths and history, Jonnaye history, Kryst bio and hist, and Grace maths and geog) and they bothered to drag themselves out of bed (Kryst didn't even SLEEP because she came straight from Avalon) to come down to my house at the break of dawn to make me happykids. And happykids I was.

I kept asking God what in the world I ever did to deserve such friends, and since I couldn't come up with much, I settled on telling him THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. AND THANK YOU.

While feasting on delicious Macs breakfasts and teaching JS that "no one drinks fullcream milk" and taking pictures, and pouring cereal for ourselves and apologizing to my momma ("I looked downstairs from the balcony and saw all the little heads of your friend hiding behind the bushes, all crouched and ready and then I went to check in your room and your were ASLEEP."), three familiar faces strutted down my condominium pathway to our picnic table.

I did a doubletake and didn't believe what I was seeing- Cleo Qing and Shereen had come down to surprise me in the morning! I ran towards them like a dramatic girlfriend from the movies in tears (not really) and sputtered some embarrassing incoherent stuff. They had come to surprise me at my house, and after many tried, they had located my unit, only to discover that I was having a picnic downstairs.
So we scooted over and had a mass picnic with everyone and I spent the morning laughing at the people who made me who I am today- both in secondary school and in AC.

Then we traipsed off to surprise Vanessey whose birthday was last week in this beautiful Kbox room with the most spectacular cake I'd ever seen. I met Natsey, Gloria, Dionne and it was brilliant reliving the old days bellowing APOLOGIZE and LOW at the top of our voices, remembering sec3 camp all over again.

At night, my momma decided to take us to a Peach Garden. My pops attempted to embarrass us all in the restaurant:

Pops: So, where are the peaches? Do you guys have many peaches around here?
Waitress: Ummm, ummm. Diu bu qi, wo bu zhi dao. (Sorry I don't know)
Pops: But it's called peach garden!
Waitress: *flustered* Umm!
Mom: Sorry, sorry, he thinks he's very funny.
Waitress: Deng deng, wo qu wen yi xia. (Wait a moment, I will ask someone)
Me: Hahahahahahah this place is ridiculous they should as least sell some peaches to deal with people like you.
Mom: *sigh*
Waitress Boss: Hi, sorry, we don't sell any peach items.
Pops: But wh...
Mom: (cuts him off) Yes, thank you :) (smiles)

I <3 poppa.

Before that, Bobbers, Ser, Inez, Weiting and Cra and Cryst, and Kryst crashed my house while I was showering before dinner. My mom kept hammering incessantly on the door hollering HURRY UP OUR RESERVATION IS GOING TO BECOME VOID so I sped bathed in under 5 minutes and like didn't really scrub and threw on the clothes I was wearing in the afternoon and ran into my study to grab my phone and then-


I literally screamed "Ahhhhhhhhh" for about a minute back into their faces because my heart nearly fell out of my chest in shock at the multitude of people who had sprung up into my face in my study room. Loopy was chortling and asking me why I walked around my bedroom undressed and I said NO I DONT and she said YES YOU DO I said NNGHH. She had baked me the most scrumptious lava cake with hot chocolate that oozed out of the top in a heavenly warm sweetness that melted me down to my toes. Loopy DOESN'T BAKE. And she baked for me- and I was all oozy and melty inside. Bobbers and Ser and Cra and K wrote me the most tear-jerking letters which made me miss the old times so much I wanted to sit in a time machine and go back back back back to it all.

Perhaps the most wonderful part about my birthday was when Mei stuffed a printed letter into my hand during dinner at Peach Garden- and for some reason, tears began to stream down my face like a freaking Mississippi and wouldn't stop. I was sobbing and heaving like a old hyperventilating woman and my family was staring stunned at me and the restaurant was eerily quiet as if honoring my moment of sheer emotion overload. I couldn't bear the feeling of love that spread over me- Mei who had been so caught up in her exams lately had taken time to write me a card. It was as if all the prior pain had culminated in a moment of love and I couldn't stand the relief and happiness that flooded over me like a bright light.

But I'm really 18 now- and I cannot do anything but thank god for waking me up for 6570 (18X365) days. Thank god for breath. Thank god for helping me arise from sleep to a new shining day 6570 times. Thank god for rain and shine and pain and joy. Love. Madness. Hope. Infinite Joy. Infinnate Joy. With a church sound to it.

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