Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And We Feel Like Rain, 
When The Words All Sound The Same.

To: Wile.E and Speedy Gonzalez, the genius behind it all.

Today I am reminded of three things.

Running in the rain barefoot is not pretty. See Exhibit A

Exhibit A.

2. Running in the rain barefoot is sometimes painful. See Exhibit B.

Exhibit B.

3. Running in the rain is bloodybrilliant.

It's my virgin Solo Barefoot Rain Run and I might or might not have received Strange Looks but I couldn't see because I wasn't wearing my glasses, and also, it was raining. I was running and running and running and I couldn't feel and I the cold was stinging and the winds made my eyes hurt and my shirt stuck to my body and Motion City played like a record in my head

"And the pain reminds us that we're still alive."

So, thank you, you two.

Your Faithful Apprentice.

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