Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Wont Share You

It's been a while. I have just eaten a huge, huge lunch (instant noodles+curry+prata+blueberry yoghurt+apple+kiwi+cadbury chocolate) and my tummy is so full I feel like all my energy has accumulated and pooled in there and my brain is a-floating somewhere away in the sky. I'm listening to "Asleep" by The Smiths and the aircon is blasting and I'm cold and Morrissey is singing me to sleep is and it's all adding to my semi comatose state.

It feels like one of those days where everything is still and quiet and suddenly all your hairs stand on end for no reason. It feels like of those days where music is not words but emotion. It feels like one of those days you like you're in a dream and you can't decide if it's a good dream or a bad one. The Smiths are gorgeous. Asleep does something to you- it's The Smiths at their darkest display of human emotion, magical as well as destructive, a song so deeply tortured yet enchantingly beautiful, most like the shadows of the human soul.

The past week has gone by quick and I never knew it was possible to feel such contrasting emotions in such a limited frame of time. It has been multicoloured, from the fervent splash of happiness stemming from a delightful Racial Harmony celebration, to the slow emotional ebb of pulsing reality when we received our midterm results. Then there was the wonderful comfort of seeing Alex, Tieh, Shaunald, and some other seniors return to visit school again- because I knew, I just knew, that Queen was right- These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

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