Monday, April 18, 2011

On A Glittering Cloud

Watching Imogen at Rock and Roots 2011 was possible the best decision I've made in a long time. Everyone was completely entranced by the magic of her music, and the bewitching charm of the atmosphere she created with her glass piano.

Imogen reminded me of an overgrown, eccentric fairy. She kept me completely spellbound as she drifted across the stage, like a butterfly with an exquisite English accent. The Marina Promenade was a brilliant venue to see her live. A rainbow splash of colour from the Singapore Flyer lit up the night sky. It was perfect.

"There's an awfully big bug on my piano. Would someone please help me remove it? Please?"

Her performances were interspersed with her humming, lovely singing, and random anecdotes. She told us about how one of her songs was about a visitor she had over to her house who didn't eat "wheat, milk and dairy products". She specially cooked him a meal devoid of all these ingredients. THEN he ate a chocolate cookie which definitely had most of what he supposedly could not consume.

She then proceeded to compose a song about him because she was so angry that he ate the cookie.

"The first verse of this song is about people who say one thing and mean another, the second is about somebody else, and the third is about a serial killer", she declared.

It was an experience I would keep close to me for a long time to come. For now I am content with listening to her album on the loop.

Rock and Roots Festival was also surprisingly fun. I had planned to leave after hearing Imogen, but I decided to stay because the atmosphere was really enticing. Other than Imogen, there was John Legend, who sang mostly about Slow Dancing, Public Displays of Affection, and other Songs To Do With Girls and Boys and Love and Things. He also slow danced with a girl from the audience who was wearing a rather obscene looking dress. Their dance was also rather PG-rated and he aptly told us that "There's Nothing Wrong With A Little PDA."

The performance before John Legend was Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. I thought they were far cooler than John Legend. Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews from New Orleans played the trombone was absolutely incredible. He blew into the trombone for about 2 minutes FLAT without taking a breath. It was wicked. I was completely blown away. Plus, Troy Andrews was far from short. He was rather tall and on a wholly unrelated note, extremely muscular.

On top of that, we got to hear 53A, a local band that opened the Festival. While they were playing, Jiya, Haokai and I went to ride the bull at one of the sponsored booths. It was incredibly fun, and we had to hold on till to the string attached to the wildly jerking bull and try as best we could to not fall off. I was flung off the automated bull thrice. Haokai was totally cheating and he kept using his height to keep balance with one foot. Jiya and I virtually flew off the raging machine after we lost grip. I absolutely adored it.

The Festival ended at 1am, and it was surreal to see so many people milling around at that hour. The bunch of us hung around the barriers, amidst the sea of abandoned bottles, and packets of food.

It is my desperate hope that Imogen comes back. She's the only artist I know who would wear flip-flops to perform.

Domino motion jump starts
When we touch
Blackout approaches, wish me luck.
-Glittering Cloud. Imogen Heap.

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