Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The sky is really dark, outside. It's like a piece of clean black canvas and I wish I had a silver marker so I could draw lovely things on it.

Coal black, and so full of possibilities, brimming with mysteries and strangeness. It's frightening, though, how the vast ebony heavens seems to stretch on infinitely, especially on starless nights. Rather reminds me of life.

The piece of dark night sky.

Today is a pretty brilliant day- and it's these kind of days that keep me buoyant, so that I don't sink into a stress induced stupor. Happy things happen:

1. Newest issue of !nk which cracks me up.

2. Track events (200m and Long jump) in which  I prove that I can still run and jump and am not a fat glob. Also, endorphins.

3. I pray with Jean(:

4. Council campaigning= free food.

5. Virtually no lessons because Mdm Angela was ill/ Mr Max Tan was a no show.

6. Still happy due to Titanic's awesomeness.

I can barely get over how amazing the movie is. James Cameron is truly legendary.

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