Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cruising and Bruising

After a tough week,  Saturdays are trainings and warm bowls of home-cooked porridge.

Saturdays are the long frivolous and very much idle conversations with Mei about everything and nothing while reading the Saturday papers.

Saturdays are trying to finish your work with the music blasting and then realizing nothing much has been accomplished except for a word-for-word recall of all the lyrics of Augustana's Stars and Boulevards.

The weekends are a lifebuoy in the Atlantic seas of IB.
Similarly, we battle for survival, struggling against the cold and exhaustion. The school classrooms are so cold, the hairs on my arm perpetually resemble a field of healthy crops, straight and tall, swaying gently in the cold air. The air is so frigid you sometimes feel that your extremities are turning blue, but then most of the time that's the pen marks caused by frequent nodding off. This exhaustion, it attacks like a tiger, first stealthily crouching among the grasses, and then at the most opportune moment where the most crucial work is to be completed, springs up and lunges. It is ruthless- goes straight for the neck. Once in its grip, resistance is futile- you are finished.

The weekdays aren't all too horrible, though. It's the silliness (Tim Neo's Justice League) and little accomplishments (making it to the 5th floor!) that make it all better. I haven't had any time to watch TV or read outside darling Sidd, Huck, Paddy, Lear and Caesar.  

Just as well, the new TV was installed today. It was rather exciting because it was supposed to be 3D, and there were spiffy looking robocop glasses that came with the package. Only thing is, a 3D DVD player is insanely exorbitant, and papa deemed it an unnecessarily expensive pleasure.


I went to test out the Faux 3D function (they call it the Simulator 3D, but seriously) with Casino Royale. It did no justice to Daniel Craig's beautiful muscles which stayed stubbornly and disappointingly 2 dimensional. I also got a headache halfway through and decided the simulator 3D function was pretty much hopeless.

I think I should be getting down to work, because there's another thing about Saturdays. You must never got too comfortable with on the lifebuoy.

If you stop kicking, you drown.

I'm adoring you, it's all good,
You're so beautiful, I'm black and blue all over. 

-It's Good To Be in Love. Frou Frou.

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