Sunday, December 12, 2010

There is always a day, isn't there. Where you feel like everything is going to go uphill. Right from that moment.

This is one of those moments. Where you feel like life is just going to give you one last shot. Because you've taken and taken and taken and taken and taken and taken. And then kept taking, until the word taking doesn't even look like taking anymore and looks like a foreign word even you cannot recognise.

Turning points.
That's what history seems to be about, anyway. The Battle of El Alamein. The Plot to Overthrow Hitler. The Cuban Missile Crisis. The fall of the Berlin wall. And more recently, 9/11.

I'm keeping on thinking that my life would keeping on having turning points too. I say Keep On because I reckon it sounds loads more hopeful than Carry On.

I've just seen the movie Forrest Gump. And also The Secret Garden, this afternoon. My family and I were on some kind of crazy movie marathon trip. I've been watching movies since 2pm. First Toy Story 3, then The Secret Garden and then Forrest Gump.

I like Forrest Gump the best. I'm awful glad I watched it.
Tom Hanks is one of the best actors that the world has even known, I reckon. The world is so lucky to have gotten someone like him who can characterize Forrest to a tee. I don't see any other actor doing it half as perfect.

What I like best is how they don't pretend that life is more than it is. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. The movie begins, and ends with a feather. It floats for a pretty long period of time, gently billowing in the breeze from left, to right lightly spiraling, white.

For a movie which is narrated wholly by a half-wit, it explores some intriguing ideas.

Some people think they are a feather, and life can blow them this way and that. Some people think they are that thistle in the wind- that all of us are inconsequential and insignificant. Others believe in creating their own destiny and taking what life throws at them and making the best of it.

Gump, with an IQ of 60, inspires me because of his focus. He has a intense focus on what he sets out to do. I think that's what I lack. Focus. The ability to look straight ahead and keep moving with a tenacity that is iron-willed, trudging, but certain.

It reminds me of the judge who spoke to us during JC Law Prog. He said that there could be two guys. One guy is born with the Gift of the Gab. With oratorical skills to shame MLK. The other is born with nothing but a shy disposition and a chronic fear of public speaking.

The second guy, however, has a passion for Law. He desperately loves it with a deep seated desire of wanting to help maintain justice. The former does not feel anything for the law. In 20 years, we will find that the latter is a much better lawyer.

I sometimes feel my head pounding so hard that I want to close my eyes and shut off the world. And I think I shall do that right now because my head is absolutely killing me.

Its Amanda here. Help me to make this turning point a good one.