Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorrow drips into your heart
through a pinhole

Sorrow drips into your heart,
through a pinhole

Just like a faucet that leaks,
there is comfort in the sound

While you debate half empty or half full
It slowly rises
Your love is going to drown

Its 6 days to my birthday.

One always wonders where the time has gone. How did we get here?
And surrealism at its best- how did we get here so quickly?

I celebrate my 17th birthday with my family at Lao Bejing where the food is so terrific I eat more than my poor, misused stomach can hold. The Xiao Loong Bao was just marvelous. Think beautifully crafted skin and hot, thick broth flowing out at every bite. Not to mention the juicy meat chunks.

School has been for the last 6 months- hectic, to say the least.
I've been so busy, too busy i hardly have time to sleep or breathe or muse or think or write. Sometimes, I wonder if it's worth it. Studying so hard, I mean.

And why do I do i?

To get good grades. And why good grades?

To get a good job. And why a good job?

To have money. And why money?

So I will have a nice house, a nice life. And why a nice house and nice life?

THAT is the question.

Now I can say its so I can help others!

But why help others?
Why anything?

I could be a brain in a vat for all I know. I could be dreaming. This could be some 4th layer of consciousness.

But what I DO know, is that right now I'm feeling things and loving things. And maybe that's whats important.

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