Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hey hey looky ! Once again i've done my old trick of, not only blogging when i dont have TIME to be blogging (or searching perversely and obsessively for pictures of what is probably the cutest football player of all time at any rate), oh no, but also not working on the thing that i should OBVIOUSLY be working on.

You officially have to have a special kind of skill to be as rubbish as i am.

Oh, count the freckles. One, two.. cute.. cant
make.. it.. floppy.. hair.. eyes..

Mm. Cutesy beachshorts

Rawr. Tatoooo boy.

My eyes are getting blistered. Notice the subtle hitch of the shirt.
And the careful turn of his head.

It fantabulousgorgeousness.

Does this not say Sacha Baron Cohen?

Yes yes, it does.

He is disturbingly, devashatinggly, dashingly, distracting.
Marriedly so, though.
The hot ones almost always are.
Married or gay. Or homosexual or transexual.
Quote of day:
I believe that if you keep hurling crap at the environment, sooner or later it's going to throw something back.
Dr Ng

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