Thursday, November 12, 2009

I cannot decide if i like Adam Gregory better or

I choose both.

I swear, this is what major examinations does to me. I go slighty crazy from the lack of social interaction, the excessive staring at pictures of the human anatomy and the chemical formulas.

O Levels is officially dead from tomorrow. I totally know how Weiqing feels. The entire holiday is gonna be a WorryFest. I promise you, i can count the number of careless mistakes i made ONE BY ONE and i can shove in into my own face and bawl about it. I can obsess about the stupid mistakes i made and the dumb Rformula i DID NOT LEARN but i shant do that.
I can extract every single error and tear myself up but yknow what.

There has totally got to be more to life than this.

I think im gonna get over myself and ITS GONNA BE A PARTAYE IN THE PHUKETAYE.


The awesomest thing about Phuket is how everyone pronounces it funny and it makes hilarious conversation topic.

At Home

Markie: Eh eh eh jie what are we doing in pui-keet

Me: (peals of laughter)

Meimei: Pui-keet!!

Grandpapa: Its Bhu-kit, boy.

Me:(peals of laughter)

Meimei: BHU-KIT!!

At school

Me: Im going to Phuket on the 14th, baby!

Weiqing: No no, its Foo-Ket.

Me: No, its PHU-KET.

Weiqing: Yeah right. Then why do they say PHone? HUH? Its obviously Foo-Ket.

Although i totally believe its Phuket. As in (POO-KET)
What make me right though?

Maybe it is Foo-Ket. Even if it does sound awful.

I need to go and run and do some chemistry for the last paper tomorrow. Cant seem to sign on to Stomp's Campus Talkback cause my commmies totally banking. Nat says it an awesome place to visualise a hazy grading curve cause people go there to comment on the papers.

I do actually think its a rather long shot. The people who are gonna be at the most voluptuous part of the curve probably wont spend their precious hours on Stomp.

Neither, will they spend their time imagining about Phuket and shopping and sleepovahs and watching Ty kiss Annie in 90210 and sweeping the internet for pictures of Josh Duhamel.

But whatever.

Im reading Eternity Is Temporary by Bill Broady and it is probably the RETROEST, INDIE-EST, VINGATEY, COOLEST BOOK EVER.

And to think i stumbled upon it BY CHANCE at the Pansing Warehose sale. (which was kinda cool, the food was really good. i ate and ate and ate. though i couldnt find Gereld Durrell or Neil Gaiman but the food plus the unexpectedly spectacular book by Broady made it all better)

Monica Yeeyee brought me cause shes the buyer for Kino and shes all chummy with the insiders of the Book World and she moves around in their social circles.

She gets all these exclusive invites to warehouse sales where everythings all cheap and GUESS WHO GETS TO TAG ALONG?

(That was rhetorical. I just want to rub it in.)

So anyway tomorrow is Liberation Day and i cannot WAIT.


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