Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Is The Point

What I have so realised is that it is during bus rides that things strike me the hardest.

I should write a book examining the relationship between Revelations and Bus Rides and call it Revolutionary Ride Revelations.

But i digress.

On the bus home from Novena i was thinking What Is The Point.

Of breathing of talking of loving of being rich of being poor of planting of living of dying of reproducing of animals of insects of football of homework of exams of university of tennis of sports of Presidents of being a freaking developed country with people involved in primary or tertiary or secondary sectors of technology of globalisation; of anything at all.

Of Social Studies of Democracy of Autocracy of Meritocracy of Communism of war of peace of Shakespere of tangents of cosecants of esterification of chemistry of working or money of beaches of beauty of marriage of Biology of Meiosis and functions of the liver and of the stomach and of the cerebellum and the nervous system and of sunsets and of time.

What Is The Point of all this?

I suddenly couldnt answer myself and i got increasingly frustrated.

I turned to the Bible. Of all the painstakingly memorised verses from the years of catechism class and bible quizzes only Ecclesiastes came to mind.

And let me tell you, he goes on and on about how Everything Is Meaningless.

In fact Ecclesiastes 1:2 goes something like:

"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the teachers. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.

Brilliance, i thought.

I could hear a couple chattering away shamelessly about Jen-somthing who was so very scandalous and Ben-something who was even worse. I tried to block them out but they were being extremely loud.

This made me very annoyed. Could they NOT talk about these insignificant things, and about Ben-whatever and Fan-whatever when here i was, trying my best to make sense of the utterly nonsensical world?

I thought harder.
I thought about how there had to be people who felt the same way as me, and i was rather comforted by that thought. I probably wasnt the only crazy one.

There has to be a religion, a band of people who believe that the World Is Meaningless and There Is No Point. I could research on it right now, but i shant because i am supposed to be studying.

I think they are called Atheists.

My musings were interrupted by a Beautiful Man who had boarded the bus.

Now a Beautiful Man differs, if only slightly, from a Sexy Male and a Hot Boy and a Marry Man.

A Beautiful Man is a man who is no doubt the most handsome and delicious man in the whole entire universe. One does not find a Beautiful Man just anywhere, and when you do, it is a rarity and a sight to behold.

This particular Beautiful Man had a tatch of brownish black hair and was painfully goodlooking. All the men in the bus cowered in sheer insignificance when his glorious self graced us with his presence. He had on a white, striped shirt, complete with cuffs and all.

And these cute brown pants.

In his hand he held a black breifcase, which contrasted heavily with his light skin tone.

He was probably around his twenties and this i could tell, entirely from his side view. (which was breathtaking btw)

He was British. And i love the British because they have awfully pretty accents.

Not that i was staring, but i mean everyone was. So whatever.

And then it was like a glimmering ray of white light had shone down in front on me. I understood now! The Point of Life, was most obviously, Beautiful Men. I rejoiced in my discovery for brief moments before i shook myself out of the stupor of Hedonism.

Of course that was only a temporary lapse in judgement. Yknow. Blinded by the Beauty.

(Eurghh i am so shallow sometimes)

Then i thought about how if i didnt get my Geog right i wouldnt do well for my Olevels next week and NO BODY would care if i kept chanting What Is The Point and being relentlessly struck by useless and completely random thoughts.

Sometimes i think my head is abit screwed up and nothing LINKS in there. Everything is a mass exodus of rapidly moving Wild Things covered in soap so I cant grasp anything for more than 2 seconds.

And if I do it slips out of my hand and melts into the confusion.

I am SO confusing.

Trying to elucidate things only makes me even more confused. Nothing is ever resolved.

Like how no one gets how Britian's NHS system is obviously a little bit Communisty and how LKY is a meanie. (And that RHYMES. I mean seriously. How convincing am I.)

Yeah i know he rocks because he seriously had the glorious forsight and the fantastical intelligence which made Singapore what it is today, but that doesnt change the fact that he is a meanie.

I wish O Levels would be over soon and my brain will be filled with Non Academic Things like sunglasses and big nice Summer hats and Prom Dresses and Phuket with the Bings and KotaK and Dresses and Surfing and French and Fun Things and History Boys and Bowling and Tennis and inane thing like my revelations which i would have the time to research exhaustively on.

OLevels is SUCH a time hogger.

Plus i wont have to ridiculously mug for Sciences and Humanites on Halloween when every single party place in Singapore is gonna be heated up by masses in cool costumes and my sister is going TrickorTreating and my brother is wandering around in Blissful Aimlessness, trying to sign up for Maplestory.

I know. I am so hypocritical sometimes.

I mean what is Van-something and Dan-whatever's scandalousness to my brainless and utterly insignificant thoughts?

Alright you little couple, go on talking about Panny and Danny if it makes you happy.

And this is me, signing off as i dive into my illuminating textbook of Earth Our Home, a Geography Elective.


-Augustanaaaaa <33