Thursday, September 24, 2009

When You're Sixteen

I've just turned 16.
I must say, being 16 is highly anti-climatic.

Everyone in the house is asleep and im listening to my own click-clacking of the keyboard, it sounds so pretty Especially when it's quiet, i reckon.

I think blogger got fixed somewhere along the way, just when i was deciding to switch to LiveJournal. It's awesome there how you can tell people how you're feeling with all those retarded emoticons.

And the cool icons! Livejournal is SEXIER THAN YOU, BLOGGER.

I miss blogging. I cannot think why i stopped for so long. I must keep going, this is so liberating.

16 is a pretty wicked age to be, actually. But i dont feel much difference, unless you count that i suddenly acquired temporary double-eyelids. Its actually the most exciting thing to wake up and have your eyes all pretty staring back at you. But they didnt pop out at 12am, they came visiting 5 days ago and havent left since. Im hoping they take up permanent residence.

My retarded, lovely parents switched off my study lights while i was busy replying Terry's birthday msg and doing my math paper (is something wrong with me? is is normal to be doing math papers when you turn 16? i dont know) and brought a beautiful candle into my room.

I blew it out as they wished me a Happy Sweet 16th.

Mom: Hello darling, happy birthday!
Me: Ehm, you guys, thats so sweet!

(upon turning on the lights, i discover that they have given me a pretty pink box)

Mom: Yeah but i want it back.
Me: The present?
Dad: No, silly, the box.

Heh. I love my mama. They gave me this ridiculously adorable card from Ivans or sommat like that and wrapped 2 50 sing dollar notes up and 2 US 50dollar notes. IN FREAKING CLEAR WRAP.

Like the kind we use to wrap books. It was all very surreal. My parents are reeeetarded.

And the card ended somthing like : And heres two 50 US dollars for you to use (and i thought DAMN WE'RE GOING TO USA THIS YEAR SHEEEEEEEEEET)... WHEN WE GO.. SOON.

XD But it was so awfully sweet of them. My parents are the bestest parents ever.

I cannot believe im sixteen still.

Its rather disturbing.

Im also tryna lose some weight, but if theres one thing you must do if you want to lose weight is NOT BE ME.

Because i cannot lose weight. Its either my aunty cooks food which is too yummy to resist, or my moma buys PercyPig from Marks and Spencer and HOHO it goes in a flash (because PercyPig is my Achilles heel, dammit), or i break and eat all the cake thats been going around.

WATAAR did the craziest things on Mon. We had PKLS and Ms Eu bought a PINIATA (!!!!!) and i couldnt for the life of me destroy with the broom stick i was offered to liberate the sweets so Gav the Man karate chopped it for me.

It was so funny i nearly choked on my own spittle and died right there.

And we had awesome cake with choco eggs on the top and everything.

My neck is hurting something awful now.
I think its because im becoming very old. 16 !!!

Im so old, i can hear my bones creaking.

Or maybe its because im typing this while im slouched in bed in a very bad position which would have those posture-freaks like going nuts.


I decided held enough significance to be recorded here, in my trustly ole blog, soon to become obsolete in the Ever-TwitBooking world.

Its 12.53 now.
I cant even feel my neck anymore. Its gone numb.

I reckon its a sign.
Goodnightzxzxz Im going to Where The Wild Things Are.


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