Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My posting window is getting weireder and weirder (STILL think WIERD looks more weird than WEIRD- but for the sake of english, and pride.) by the day.

Now everything is flush left and i cant (again) change my font.

But whatever.

500 Days of Summer is coming out ON MY BIRTHDAY MY BIRTHDAY MY BIRTDHAY and i think its a sign. That i must watch it. And its such a brilliant movie! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not the only attraction, (AND WHAT AN ATTRACTION), there is Zooey Deschanel who acted in Yes Man, and the script is so scintillating and original. Its like a breath of fresh air, sweet and delightful.

THEN THERE IS SEXY SACHA, who i love to tiny tiny tiny little bits because he is the funniest shit alive.

I must watch Bruno too. It is imperative.

Good movies have this annoying habit of poping up when i cannot watch them.

Chinese results were a terribly large shock(:
But good shock.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Upsides of Being Intelligent

I dont know why my crazy computer cannot seem to open the posting window effectively. All im getting is a box, whcih annoys me greatly because i can neither change this awful font style, or this miniscule font size.

I was reading the my Engish Literature Forum (since when has school been so interesting, man) and damn, Forums are the brilliantest things. I swear. Especially when brilliant people start to discuss the most banal things and make it seem outrageously interesting. (Basically when i say people i mean Renyue and Nicks and Xin Yi)


I can see where these people are going, already.

Unless, of course, they are gifted in the Sciences on top of the Arts, and then all i can say to that is Life Is Unfair (which is a rather stupid thing to say, because we already all know it's true AND there is nothing anyone can do about it. If there was, life was be boring anyway. Everyone would either be across-the-board beautiful or across-the-board ugly.

Arcoss-the-board beautiful might sound mighty awesome, but only because we fail to see that beautiful would not be deemed beautiful if everyone were beautiful. If you get my drift.

Then beautiful and ugly and stupid and smart would cease to have a meaning simply because there would be no more distinction between them. Life would be like a piece of white paper.

Blank and stark and eeriely unreal. But then i digress)

1. Smart people are respected. See: Barack Obama. (First Black President Of Free World And Noone Gives a Shit That You Share a Middle Name With A Terrorizing Madman)
Michelle Obama (First Lady. Damn Fashion Statement)
Einstein (Dude. He lived how long ago? And we still know who he is?)
Ali G (You can insult all and sundry and people still LIKE you if you're brilliant, funny and you graduate from Oxbridge)
Nicky Ren Yue Xin Yi (see: me, nearly drooling in awe of their coherence and scintillating-ness. Enough said)

2. Smart people go to Zouk and get so stoned they cant even see, and then the next day study for an hour and get results so brilliant you darent even imgaine getting. (This happens. It does. Its unfair, but i shant go into the Life Is Unfair But Too Damn Bad rant again)

3. Smart people get married to smart people and produce smart little babies who boost economy and make country flourish. (Ask LKY. He totally would back me up)

4. Smart people are generally rich. (Need i provide examples? Just one word would suffice: Gates. SAT score? 1590 out of 6000. IQ? 170. Proven.)

5. Smart people change the world because people LISTEN to smart people. (Ghandi, Martin Luther- both, Mother Teresa- dont give me a incredulous face, she HAD to be smart, all those people skills and handling matters and having home after home under your care, Emma Watson- DARE YOU SAY HP DID NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, ectect)


But then again, i dont let it bother me too much.
I value happiness and contentment more than i value intelligence. (Or rather, i try)

God has a plan, anyway.
Maybe what he wants me to do requires somthing other than acuity.

Yes, it must be.
God makes everything better, he really does.

Which for some uncomprehendable reason is making extremely excited.

I am so proud of Singapore, i can barely contain it. Its home indeed. I think my loss of voice from Singing What Do You See and screaming yesterday proves my undying loyalty to my HOME LAND.

Singpapore is indeed fantastic place. Where else would you find people like Hossan Leong and Phua Chu Kang and National Day Videos with men walking down dark roads?

Where else would you be subjected to Sars and MRT RESPECT raps and where else can you choose to eat Indian, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean or Japanese food all in the same place?

Where else do you shout KOPI TEH is your best gangsta accent and then sit down to say (primly, of course) 'Oh, im famished! Cant wait to tuck into the scrumptious food!'

No where else, really.

Singapore is one of a kind, it is.


Also, this blog is the awesomest. ('Pologize. I cannot seem to add the hyperlink, damn my computer. Or Whatever)

It really is.

Nat finished reading the post all the way to well, wayyyy many years ago. I admit i havent really read them all yet, but those that i have, havent disappointed.

Basically this guy write poignant one liners (which are rather emotional and drenched in a heavy atmosphere, but altogther very exquisite. And worth the time) about photos sent to him by an unknown penpal who travels all over the globe.

Its all really interesting.

And talking about beautiful, lets not forget the BEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. And this is Honestly Not A Superlative.
Cross my heart. (just like the Carl Fred-somthing from Pixar's Up, my heart crosses are violently and extraordinarily steadfast)

Its an amazing song.

I cant even describe it. The tune makes it seem all so surreal.

The first line will cut you so deep, it becomes imperative that you listen to it over and over again, and learn the lyrics off by heart, and sing it in the bathroom, to your mother, and tell all your contemporaries about it. Its so brilliantly and remarkably PASSIONATE. I cannot even begin to stress how much i love it. Perhaps even more than Kaka. (Oh no what am i saying!) Less than i love Emma Watson and the History Boys and Adam Lambert and Artemis Fowl, though, but the extent of how much i love them is off the charts, so we dont compare. (Reckon i should stop upping the expectations, or im going to seem unreliable)

Here goes.

Vanilla Twilight by Owl City.