Friday, July 03, 2009

"Flying is easy. Just aim for the ground and miss"(:

Geez, i so miss prattling on and on about absoluetly nothing in here. The sense of release and sheer comfort of just clicking on the keyboard makes me feel so happy.

This might be attibuted of the fact that either, im going mad and crazy, or that i am starting to find joy in the strangest, and slightest things.

I am now a full fledged Catholic, because i just had my confirmation, which brilliant. I asked for Fortitude, because i need it rather badly. The Arch Bishop touched my face and now i am officially Amanda Joelle Lee, which is SO DARN SEXY.

I mean seriously


That means God is My Oath. I think Oath is a solid word (like its made of granite, concrete and some superstong glue), and my life requires some solidity. Im too flaccid sometimes, and its awful.

Being 16 is so strange.

I cant decide whether i like it or not.

Sometimes im so content with being Amanda the one who runs around singing and is happy most of the time, but somtimes i wanna be someone like Emma Watson.

And sometimes i think, why cant i be more cool, and cynical and questioning?

MAN why cant i be disillusioned, detatched and sexy?

Or why cant i remember to put the register back in the drawer?

Or why do i forget people's birthdays so often?



Then i pull a face in the mirror and think about how life in general is rather unfair.

But then its easy to bounce back.

It takes me less then 10 minutes, because thats the maximum i allow myself to wallow in shallow, stupid selfpity before we move on.


Thats how one bounces back. Its a trick to life, mostly you focus on what you have rather than what you dont have and there's this pretty glow that starts to grow in your heart.

School is being anal and the gaps between tests are becoming progregressively shorter. Im so glad that Pups and HC and Dionne and Dawn and Natnat and Nicky and Bobbles and Vanes and Cleo and everyone who makes me laugh are in my class.

If we're gonna make it through this, we'll make it through together. Whatever it is. Whether we have to crawl and wrestle or gnaw our ways to our goals with our teeth and nails, we will.

We will swear (mostly Bobbles- oh and Dionee) and sweat and shout and get fevers and make stupid lame shitty jokes and become depressed and mad TOGETHER.

And i learnt something valuable yesterday from the papers. NEVER use simple words when we can use bombastic ones when you are out to impress.

ie, instead of 'lengthened rebellion', one says 'protracted insurgencies'.

or instead of 'stupid', 'FATUOUS'.

instead of 'logic', say 'syllogism',

and instead of 'self absorbtion', 'solipsistic'.

Aim not to be understood. It is imperative that readers use a dictionary to dredge out the merest drift of your article.

Only then, have you suceeded. Plus, it lends one a kind of underserved brilliance.

Or people just get really really annoyed and use your articles as fish wrap.



The craziest people graduate from Oxbridge. ( I REALLY THOUGHT THEY WERE IVY LEAGUE. )
Its brilliant.

Ali G (Sacha Boren Cohen) is from Cambridge.
Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is from Oxford.


The guy who said : 'Fings like 'apple' and oranges' dont start with da capital letter unless they start a sentance' at the Harvard Class Day lesson. (He wanted to 'drop some knowledge' see, to the Harvard students and graduating seniors saying 'you is the most cleverest students in America')

Dude he is the crudest dumbest FUNNIEST shit on earth.
I cant believe he came from Cambridge.

Its madness.
I dont even believe it.

And then something else happens. And its even more implausible than Ali G (who wants to give away an once of hash as the prize for Who Wants To Win An Ounce of Hash) coming from Cambridge.

And that would be the wonder that is Inez.
Sports, is ruthless, harsh and ugly.
Sports evaluates, extricates and discriminates.
Sports is buckets of sweat, years of pushing limits and excruciating, mind blowing pain.

But sports is beautiful, rythmic and intoxicating.

Sports is raw and fresh and magnificent.

Sports, is talent upon hardwork upon tears upon fears.

Sports is also losing with grace (even if your insides are twisting and contorting in disappointment) and winning in ecstacy.

And when you see her run across the finishing line (even on the TV of goodness sake) its breathtaking, and ecstacy, is a gross understatement.

Its breathtaking and all the more beautiful, because, you see, all the pains and efforts she went through to get herself there.

You see her tears, her sweat, her silent and grim determination. You see the toil, the struggle and the unwavering commitment behind the win that she makes for Singapore.

You can see the countless prayers, the many breaths held, Coach, and everyone else who barely dare to blink.

A 100m hurdles race is a quick one. Inez did it with that beautiful gusto and steely purposefulness. She caught up with her competitors with a flourish, and raced to a awe-inspiring 3rd place.

I twitched with amazement as i blinked daftly at the computer screen.

Then i proceeded to press the playback two hundred and free zillion whatever four hundred and ninety six thousand four hundred and then a one (ALIG FTW) times.

Whatever it is, she deserves everything she has coming for her. She won this medal for Singapore with her sheer grit and perserverance.


Thanks for being a mighty inspiration.