Tuesday, June 09, 2009

FEDERER, and Being Almost 16

Oh. OHohoh.

Words mean nothing now, because everyone who actually reads the papers probably already know. Already read. Already feel his brilliance.


Sports is so unpredictable, who knew Nadal No 1 In The Whole World wouldnt make it into the finals? WHO KNEW THE FEDERER WHO LINGERS IN OUR HEART AS THE CUTELY GIRLISH TENNIS STAR WOULD WIN HIS FIRST FRENCH OPEN?

Who would have thought? (:

Oh *gasp* Federer.
Im so proud of you.

Oh, the happiness, the joy.

*Spins and twirls in euPHOria (courtesy of Vanes) for a while*


Another phenomenon has grabbed the youth population. From High School Musical, to Vampires With Beautiful Eyes That Go 'SAY IT', to the strange Hannah Montana Dance.

Keep seeing people Popping It and Locking It and its slightly crazy.

Just for the record, my very own sister is boucing along to the song, happily Countryfing It, and hahaha Jia En spent her time in front of the computer learning it.

And Nat knows it, and Mun Foong, and get this HUAI CHYN. (YAY SEE) Damn, thats like almost everyone.


Its all madness. (S'not as easy as it looks either. The movie is real misleading.)

Plus, I realise im almost 16, now.

And it quite scares me. I reckon its because i do not FEEL like a 16 year old at all. Its all quite surreal, and creepy.

Its feels sort of like, i have to find myself soon because im growing up too fast for myself. Its confusing me.

But then again, im confused by loads of thing.

Life in general confuses me.
Why we even exsist confuses me.

Why we spend out years studying about the Sine and Tangent and THEN add COs infront of everything and learn those as well confuses me.

Why we mug our brains out learning things that we will forget completely once we finish school confuses me.

Why some people are just so brilliantly intelligent and some people are just never good enough confuses me.

Why some people are beautiful, and some just unpleasant looking confuses me.

How much happiness means in a person's life confuses me.

What we live for (Is it to make others smile? Is it to enjoy oneself, and merely cruise through life? Is it to make the best of your talents? Then what of it? Is it to be as happy as you can be? Is it to achieve something? Is it to meet your soulmate? It is to reproduce and populate?), confuses me.

How much we should trust our own decisions and how far unconditional obedience to our parents stretches confuses me.

Independance, confuses me.

The inequality of life confuses me.

Being confused about everything confuses me as well.

Life is confusing, a huge paradoxical enigma.
The absurd perplexities we encounter, its not gonna end.

Then i think, maybe thats what we live for. And finally we go right down to the roots of all the ambuguity and anarchy of life, and find God.

And then i remember that life is perhaps worth living after all.

"Tried to be perfect

But nothing was worth it

I don’t believe it makes me real"

-Pieces. Sum 41
(I think this song is brilliant. Nat sent it to me, and i love it)

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