Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've always imagined Ego to be a bright red colour, only because its showy and loud, rather like red.

Today is one of those days that i am thinking loads of thing and the things im thinking keep on slipping away before i can make them out.

So im going to this quick.

First of all i think
The internet is an extremely good place for people to expand their egos. For one, blogging is so pompous mainly because we can go on and on about what we do and think and feel and assume the world is interested.

Then the advent of Twitter and the pervasiveness of Facebook (which has such a wide age spread, i have a 6 year old kid and a 58 year old guy on my friend's list) has lead to even more self absorb-ish-ness.

So who really cares about what Ashton Kutcher thinks, and does and feels when he's taking a bath?

Oh wait.
Make that 2 million people.

Which in turn makes everyone feel like doing the same thing.

Its brilliant, really. We're really all gonna become so in love with ourselves.

Then i also think im becoming 3 things.
1. Crazy
2. OCD
3. T-Rex

Crazy because its one thing to run 10 rounds around the track in school, but a whole different thing to run around barefooted, wildly slinging a pair of converse shoes whilst decked in jeans.

Its a whole different thing altogther.

Especially when you're not very sure of the way home, and it'll probably take you more than 30 min but you heard someone say that it was possible to walk home.

So You Try.

In the meanwhile, you wonder if you are wasting your time. So you start to do a little jog, except the bag with your (all time fav Alen Bennett -The Uncommon Reader) books juggling inside, and your blistering feet, you decide its rather exhausting.

You make off to sling the shoes across your neck and pull your harverack tightly to your back.

Then you run.
All the way home, all the time unsure if its the right way.

The stares you recieve are priceless.

And when you finally get home, sweating, panting and dirty, its all worth it.

Liberating, even.

Which i think brings me back to the part of me becoming crazy.

OCD because it i've been starting to list things, and they say when you list things its the first signs of Obsessive Compulsive, one of the milder sorts.

Not that it really bothers me.

And T Rex because i've stopped eating rice almost completely. I dont know why. Its like a break from carbo, because i've stopped running. Which allows me all this carbohydrate reserves which need no refilling.

And i ate so much meat for dinner i felt largely like a dinosaur. It was rather disturbing.

And then i also dub Bob and green Blob as a favourite cartoon character because he has no brain, but he rocks.

And Cougars are cool because i totally fell in love with a Nick Quah Lookalike Only So Much Better Looking .

And to quote Weiqing

He was unbearably handsome, for a 6 year old.
All quite disconcerting.



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