Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello Mr Caramel Corn

My days have been continuously exciting

First i get scared by these whackos (namely Joshua) who decided to wear this mask and jump out at me from behind the wall.

And i tell you the mask is so darn disgusting looking you would pee in your pant and break out into cold sweat if you see it at night and start hyperventilating.

Ah. Screw cold sweat, you'll probably just scream till you pass out.


And then Mah Mah is ill, and thats not very exciting. Its just all very sad and solemn and surreal.

Also, i read Emma and thats quite exhilarating because its a classic which makes me feel immensely intellectual compared to those usual trashy romance novels or Artemis Fowl (OH MARRY ME) or Calvin and Hobbes.

And plus Dawn says the world is going to end in 2012. Which is particularly interesting, really. Armageddon, and we get to be in it. Tell me thats not cool.

Not that i really mind, who needs to live that long anyway? Except i really want to get married first. I think it's awfully nice to have someone for you there forever and ever. Then again, maybe im just a hopeless romantic.

Its funny how we speculate about how our futures gonna be like.

Can you imagine if we could travel in time and all we see in 10 is a rushing mass of nothingness? Like the black hole, only it's engulfed everything else on earth.


Life is a little rushed, and sometimes i feel a little caught up in it all. Just like Mr Mas Selamat. Caught.

Only im not a crazy (albeit brilliant) terrorist on the run who lived in an abandoned house for 13 months selling Rumbly Burgers.


Gosh, im so punny.

And if Artemis Fowl is ever made a movie, they can't put Robert Pattinson OR Zac Efron as the male lead or else, HEADS ARE GOING TO ROLL. ROLL I TELL YOU ROLLL.


Spoil my childhood like that and SOMEONES GOING TO PAY, DAMMIT. Artemis Fowl is one of the biggest piece of arts ever, and i just adore, relish, revel in it's coolness.

No one beat Arty in his coolness.

I dont think anyone can play Arty, for one. He should remain a fictional character forever. But movies are inevitable, and i know how irresistible Arty is. SO IF EVER, and they cast some chickflick flake boy, i will be so pissed i will I WILL WILL. WELL.


Oh Arty thou art love thee.

I think Dominic Cooper should play him (only cause he did the cocky-intelligent-sexy boy part very well in History Boys) but he's too old.

I dont know.
I'd rather he remain my fantasy boy.

Caramel corn FTW.

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