Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainbows And Butterflies

Life is so brilliantly flashing and transitory that i can hardly keep track of the days.

Its one after another, and after that another and some.
Its funny, i used to arch my head to look up at those towering 16 year olds and wonder if i'd ever be that large and tall and stressed.

And now i am, and it quite scares me.

Large and tall and stressed.

Most of my stress, i figure, comes from reading the newspaper. I spend too much time reading them. I love reading the Sports section so much i pratically drool at the articles.

I am in love.

This time it's with ROHIT BRIJNATH and although he is married (i think. who cares anyway), that does nothing to deter me. He is the most engaging, witty, beautiful, funny, intelligent journalist to ever have lived.


I shriek when i see that he has written a article. I SHRIEK IN JOY- PURE AND UNADULTERATED.

I kiss and smother my face into the dirty inky page and brandish my scissors to cut his precious words out to forever treasure.

I scour the Sports section everyday watching for his "Rohit Brijnath Senior Correspondent' name to bounce out at me.

He write about tennis, and cricket and anything and everything from football to golf and he is HARDCORE Roger Federer. Which makes ME hardcore Roger Federer because i love him.

When i cannot find his article in the papers, my heart sags and i find that the day is a little bleaker. Then i perk up because i know he will probably write the next day.

"Self belief comes in different pakages. Rafael Nadal wears it quietly, Usain Bolt laughingly, Lewish Hamilton arrogantly, Cristiano Ronaldo histrionically.

Kim wears his self belief proudly, loudly, colourfully."

"The result was a contest that was at once, bruising and brilliant, a tennis masterpiece so luminous that it lit up a city that was suffering power outages."

- Rohit Brijnath

I love how he writes.
Its blissfully fun and upbeat and incredibly informative.

Journalism is a pretty extraodinary job, i reckon.
But then some say its better to spend one's time reading articles then scribbling something oneself that's going to turn into fish-wrap within a day.


The Hwa Chongers have come to visit again because its this time of the year. But only this time their younger than us and if anything it makes me feel perversely old and well- OLD. Its just like that, you can't explain it. Its difficult to bring yourself to be interested in boys younger than you.

Mrs Cheong also left us today.
She told us she had facebook which i cracked up so hard at i nearly fainted.

But the sense of family and belonging i felt all around was so overwhelming i was glad, so amazingly glad that i was in this school.

HA. How many people can say that from their heart? HOW MANY? I can i can i can!

Plus theres this strange man who swims EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL RAIN OR SHINE downstairs, so my Aunty Yeni and my Gong Gong call him the Crazy Man.

I didn't understand how that worked because swimming every day made me cool, not crazy.

But they told me he smoked.
Technically, if you smoke and swim everyday, people upstairs who have loads of time will call you Crazy. Life's funny.

I didnt know Ryan Seacrest was gay.
I didnt know Adam Lambert was too.

"Nothing saves anyone's life, sir, its just postpones their death"
-Posner from The History Boys

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