Monday, March 16, 2009

Football and Men

It takes someone special to inspire other men to call him HOT and mean it.

Everyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo is way too overrated, what with his his firm belief in his own (admittedly brilliant) looks and skills, his cocky mannerisms and self-confidence which borders on pure conceited narcissism.

And Steven Gerrad plastered his puckers into a camera lens, which significantly lowers his hotness level. Not that it wasn't an amazing and adorable display of unadulterated joy, but DA-YUM. Lips should be kept to oneself and not pressed onto millions of TV screensXD

Now this Liverpool Messiah practically saved all the asses of his teammates at the hugest game yet.

Which is probably why my male friends can find it in themselves to gush about this blonde, beautiful, boy.

Football holds no magnetic pull on me like it does to some men who
1. Conglomerate at coffee shops nationwide because to cheer unanimously for their beloved team.

2. Join the throngs of rabid fans at Clark Quay to watch the match in its full glory.

Nope. I am a big fat traitor.
I jump-ship as fast as each match is over, i change loyalties in a blink on an eye. And they dont even switch solely between 2 big hotshots, the Champions of football. Milan resides in a special place in my heart because i love KAKA.

I am a bad, bad, football fan.

Sports really brings out the raw, uncensored emotions which flow unstoppable from every sportmen.

Yesterday was my 400m race (geezer, fluke i say FLUKE. Coach dumped me in there for some crazy reason) and just when i managed to phsye myself up into a wrought, ready, excited bunch of muscles, the sky turned against us.

And i must say, our school has a unique way of mental prep. Other school plug eyephones to blast heavy metal into their ears, to block out the crazed chaos and it set their heart rate to a decent rate.

Some schools have breathing techniques to ready themselves.

Some competitors imagine themselves running the full strech all in their mind.

Our teams opts the more calm and trust in the Mighty One method. While other set their heart rate, we read calming quotes and pray like crazed pilgrims. And just so you know, it works like MAGIC.

So anyway- our race was unceromoniously CANCELED. I mean darn it, right. We were all jumpy and ready, adrenelin coursing through our veins with impunity and BAM.

It was 20 min before our race, so me and Ling and Fiona were at the call room waiting for our turn, right. The sky was all black, as if it was having some terrible, terrible day. Then it was LET THE RAIN FALL DOWN and not only that LET IT FALL REAL HARD. LET IT KEEP ON FALLING AND NEVER STOP.

So it did.

An audible, and resigned (and perhaps a little pissed off) groan resounded thu the entire tent, and the guys who were getting ready to run their race were more then upset.

And then some guy said, gesturing wildy at the rain which was pouring, then lightening, and then thundering down again, "WAHLAO EH, MAKE UP YOUR MIND"

Which pretty much summed up how the rest of us were feeling.

It got so bad that the tent was flapping and the water was flowing in from every direction, the wind happily egging the endless streams right into the tent. The officials who has previously thought they were gonna get their break, were hastily closing their styrofoam boxes with their lunch because everything was getting wet.


Umbrellas were overturned, the track and field were flooding and the people was screaming at the thunder. (Embarrasing as it is. Sports people, they call us.)

The sky was waging a war against the land. Honestly. I had never seen rain and wind so ferocious for a long time. A makeshift tent has overturned, and under the tent, we huddled together to try to keep dry.

Rain, it bonded everyone, though.

Everyone started talking to each other about the mad weather, and there was this sense of "We're all in this togther, getting wet and getting our race postpones. Dammit, we've to stick together" kinda feeling.

It was nice in a strange, awkward, way.

So we seeked refuge in the guys toilet (it was the closest shelter to the tent) and the officials told us to "CLOSE YOUR EYES". It would have been hilarious had we not been terrifed that we would be either struck by lightning, or have the tent collaspe on us.

It was crazy.

It was mad.

But it was sorta, fun. (AND THATS NOT BECAUSE WE HAD TO RUN THROUGH THE GUYS TOILET- but dayum, you shoulda seen the faces. Priceless, every one of them.)


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