Thursday, February 19, 2009


My obsession.

I haven't had one in an awful long time.

I want to own them ALL.

OWN THEM ALL. Sexiest, smartest, brilliantest group of boys i have ever set my eyes upon in my whole life.

If i were Allan Bennet, OH. How i wish i were him. (Then theres me, speaking in the subjunctive. Its an obsession, OBSESSION)

Hot boys are a rare find, but hot men with brains is like water in the desert. (Watch me spell, suckers). YOU YEARN YOU DESIRE but they only materialize as hallucinations when you are on the ground writhing in thirst while your camel-turned-scavenger awaits your death to drink your blood.

Hot boys, who are brilliantly smart, sexy, witty, humorous and dont have eyes only for chicks with big asses or boobs are practically nonexistent.

Oh woe.

The History Boys is honestly a really good movie/book/play.

I think the various ways it has been showcased to the world speaks for itself!


Need i say more?

Its a poignant, touching story, and the way Bennet injects the witty one liners into the script only makes you want to kneel before him and say TEAACH ME TO WRITE LIKE YOU.

The conversations and discussions are so riveting and so beautiful. Its like art.

And Dominic Cooper as Dakin, has nothing to do with this. He is another Love altogether. I love his character because its so complicated and frustrating and intelligent and sharp, and to top it off because he is overly sexy and beautiful and commanding, you are drawn to him like AMANDA TO FRIED CHICKEN WINGS.

Then there's the Irwin the History Teacher, who i sorta cant place because he is much to brilliant and witty for his demeanour. Someone so perversely bright should be locked up somewhere to provide light to the world.

Oh Posner.

I really want to read the book but they dont sell it, NOT IN KINO, NOT IN BORDERS, NOT IN THE LIBRARY ( i was devastated. my home, MY SECOND HOME FAILS ME), NOT ANYWHERE.

Singapore is a loser place to look for books. WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY. WHAT-I-WOULD-GIVE.

Its pissing me right off, but i figure it's all for the better because if i had one now i'd probably put my studying on hold as i embark on a quest to (in The Eu's words) OSMOSIZE it into me.

And that would not be good.
I will buy it from trusty Amazon if all else fails AFTER my Os.

Obsessions sometimes have to wait.

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