Thursday, February 19, 2009


My obsession.

I haven't had one in an awful long time.

I want to own them ALL.

OWN THEM ALL. Sexiest, smartest, brilliantest group of boys i have ever set my eyes upon in my whole life.

If i were Allan Bennet, OH. How i wish i were him. (Then theres me, speaking in the subjunctive. Its an obsession, OBSESSION)

Hot boys are a rare find, but hot men with brains is like water in the desert. (Watch me spell, suckers). YOU YEARN YOU DESIRE but they only materialize as hallucinations when you are on the ground writhing in thirst while your camel-turned-scavenger awaits your death to drink your blood.

Hot boys, who are brilliantly smart, sexy, witty, humorous and dont have eyes only for chicks with big asses or boobs are practically nonexistent.

Oh woe.

The History Boys is honestly a really good movie/book/play.

I think the various ways it has been showcased to the world speaks for itself!


Need i say more?

Its a poignant, touching story, and the way Bennet injects the witty one liners into the script only makes you want to kneel before him and say TEAACH ME TO WRITE LIKE YOU.

The conversations and discussions are so riveting and so beautiful. Its like art.

And Dominic Cooper as Dakin, has nothing to do with this. He is another Love altogether. I love his character because its so complicated and frustrating and intelligent and sharp, and to top it off because he is overly sexy and beautiful and commanding, you are drawn to him like AMANDA TO FRIED CHICKEN WINGS.

Then there's the Irwin the History Teacher, who i sorta cant place because he is much to brilliant and witty for his demeanour. Someone so perversely bright should be locked up somewhere to provide light to the world.

Oh Posner.

I really want to read the book but they dont sell it, NOT IN KINO, NOT IN BORDERS, NOT IN THE LIBRARY ( i was devastated. my home, MY SECOND HOME FAILS ME), NOT ANYWHERE.

Singapore is a loser place to look for books. WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY. WHAT-I-WOULD-GIVE.

Its pissing me right off, but i figure it's all for the better because if i had one now i'd probably put my studying on hold as i embark on a quest to (in The Eu's words) OSMOSIZE it into me.

And that would not be good.
I will buy it from trusty Amazon if all else fails AFTER my Os.

Obsessions sometimes have to wait.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sometimes i cant penn my thoughts down fast enough and then i lose them. I hate it when i do because when i try to grasp them back its like trying to bottle wind, impossible and frustrating, and at the same time unbelievably strange.

Which is why i adore Bobble's dipiction of a man holding on to a balloon labeled IDEAS and it's holding a needle and pricking itself.

Its brilliant.

Such wonders a little cartoon can say-

Art is, after all, bottomless, inexplicable and to quote my lit text "its meaning cannot be quantified or understood solely through mechanisms of reason and logic" and sometimes speaks more than a thousands words.


(Oh no gosh i didnt. Im kidding. I didnt kiss your precious black scrapbook. I PLEDGE that i didnt.)

Yeah yeah- going too far here.

Some people say blogging is a waste of time. I beg to differ. Blogging ultimately mobilizes my time, but to call it a waste would be a dreadful desecration. Blogging is a dissection or if not so, a running, and continuous commentary on my life and thoughts.

You could say it is a practice for Language Arts, or Literature, because all these subjects embrace and embody the art of critical thinking, and dissection of a piece of writing or situation ANYWAY. I thus consider blogging an INVESTMENT.

An investment that would probably aid me in my future studies- SO THERE.

I impress myself sometimes. My uncanny abilty to justify redundant and inane things.

Theres another weird thing i do, and thats laugh at myself. Some people say thats a good thing, but i reckon is awful scary when i reflect upon it. PLUS i dont think when they say "Its a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself, Amanda" they mean that i make mindless noises under my breath in class and then laugh uncontrollably at them.

And trip and fall and start doubling over in laughter so i roll down even more stairs.

And manage to dredge up annoying jokes people make about me and my skin colour and snort at them and ALMOST retell them to other. No, im not THAT moronic. (Sometimes i make up my own, NOT THAT I WANT TO, but thats another thing altogether)

But i reckon that because i THINK i am a little bit bizzare, it thus absolves, or rather, VINDICATES me of the fact that i am actually slightly queer.

Its like, being anneroxic. If you know for a fact you are anneroxic, the fight is almost complete, you're gonna recover soon because you accept. And what is it they all say? Acceptance is the first, or rather, the LARGEST step to recovery.

Its rather complicating to grasp at first, but then again, you must have a remarkably perculiar way of thinking to understand what im saying.

Im cool that way-

PS. Tennis boy isnt so hot close up, i played next to him when i was having lessons. (I felt like such a wimpo playing nextcourt to a boy who looked like be playing with his all, a boy who looked like he played with passion. My serves were the YES-I-GOT-THE-BALL-YES-ITS-OVER-THE-NET kind shots) But his serves are so wonderful i could hardly care.

Hes super, erm whats that word, imbah- (SEE SEE IM COOL TOO. I KNOW WHAT IMBAH MEANS) Haha, im-bah. IMBAH. Its originates from IMBALANCED (in a good way), thats what Quan taught me. I am SUCH a terrif student.

And i love Kaka.
And Nadal is okay, after all. My sister says hes humble to a fault, and i really could agree with that. The guy is so humble he says "He deserved to win" to his opponents when he plays them out.

Hes quite a guy, if not for the fact that he adjudsts his *ahem* alot while playing. Plus he won Federer and Verdasco. (Verdasco is a hottie)

Okay, okay, he makes it to my RESPECT list, right after Bobbles.