Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Its so awesomely fast.

Life goes really fast when you dont realise it. Like zoom and then WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO?

This year is gonna be a tough year. TOUGH LIKE A OX. But i'll get through it, cause im a Chicken! Chickens are the best at doing tough stuff, they lay eggs like 24/7 and then feed the hungry, carnivorous, poultry eating masses.


In any case, in the time that had passed, i had tons of revalations that i want so badly to post up there. (Something about the shape of my head and the tennis court's sudden makeovah) But i cant remember them cause when i was struck by those flashes of awareness, i had no pen nor paper around me. Its all very annoying.

I say its a internal conspiracy to keep me off my blog.

Few days ago, i think friday, i was feeling on top of the world cause i shattered my PB and THEN. THEN. Tennis boy was playing again. He was wearing this black and white shirt (Darn i honestly hope he doesnt EVER read this blog because it'll be throughly embarrassing for me. But in the VERY SLIM CHANCE that you might be, Tennis Boy, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. ANDD i am not a stalker. Dont blame ME if my house overlooks the tennis court.) and he was doing his gorgeous backhand again.

I dunno why but it made me inexplicably happy just to waddle in my joy of breaking my PB and gawking at his flawlessly masculine one-handed backhand. Its so beautiful its like magic. Magic.

Then Bobble's scathing (HAHA) voice would materialise in my head - 'Cheap thrills.'

Me and my brother slept in the living room after Shou Shui-ing and pigging out on shrimp rolls. We rolled all over each other and my brother stole the blankies so i shivered for awhile so my father closed the balcony doors and then i starting sweating. Which brings me to the freak weather that has our fields all dry and brown and ugly.


Just thought you should know.
On top of that, i reckon Brad Pitt is disgustingly hot. I mean, the guy is an ANIMAL. He should be cut into pieces and his handsomeness cut into many parts to be shared by the men who desperately need it in the world.


I will watch The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.
I will because it is one of the craziest, coolest show that i have ever heard about in my whole life.

And Raphael Pichey "Rafi" Gavron who acted as the Thief Boy in Inkheart is AHDORABLE. Hug all around for cute British Jewish boys and buys with smexy backhands.


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