Sunday, December 07, 2008

Top Of The World

and the only ex-plahnation i caan find!

Is the love that i've found,
ever since you've been around,

Youre love puts me at

The Carpenters ROCKS MY CROCS!
(Honestly. Socks is SO last season.)

Really. Im so into this song because its so beautiful. And Karen's voice is superrrrrb. Its suits me! ITS MY SONG!

If my life had a theme song, this would be it!

And Vanessa The Symmetrical Face dedicated a whole blog post to yours truly. Maybe thats why IM ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD!

Im so happy and touched:D
(Cue :awwwwwwwwwww)

Vanessas the coolest crap ever.
Really. Sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me! I was so touched (at the nice parts. some parts are downright untrue, SO.)

Some parts arent very flattering either, i must say.
And most things i dont completely agree with.

I dont smile like my jaw is unhinged, for one! That pose is purely art! Its original! At least i dont make goo goo eyes at the camera and puff out my cheeks and bend in my chin to enhance my eye volume.

PLUS. I dont understand why everyone identifies me with grossness.

What is it with them and that word and me?
My unique spirit... my personarlity...
Everything that makes me, me, summed up in a banal, sad comment of the suburban contemporary lifestyle, GROSS?!


Okay, get ready. This is going to be the grossest post you can ever imagine. I am about to say the grossest thing you can think of. Like seriously gross. Like so gross it's scary. Like the epitome of grossness. Or should I say ehpeetoemee of grossness?? HAHA. yup i'm sure you've guessed it.

HAHAHAHA. OOPS. Sorry Amanda but yeah like Dionne says, you are quite gross. Like really. :D Okay la, to even dedicate a whole post to you Amanda, it means I actually love you deep down inside my heart. Haha.

So anyway, I was actually feeling horribly upset earlier. I felt like crying, felt like dying. Just felt like lying in bed for the rest of the week and emo-ing. (okay maybe not that bad, but anyway) I was confused and despairing about my stupid life, when these magical words pop into my head. it was from an sms Cleo sent me the other day.

"Go read amdl's blog!"

I was all who's amdl?? And she said "Amanda Lee la stupid!" and i went ohhhh! Haha. But never went. Heh.

So a few minutes ago, when I was all down in the dumps, hating myself, blue like blue's clues, I followed that piece of brilliant advice. I arrived at Amanda's blog to see 'BOYS BOYS ALL AROUND' found it superbly apt.

Haha. Her post was really funny. And then I scrolled down and saw something about Amanda singing and started laughing to myself because you know howsome ppl exaggerate stuff on their blogs to make their life seem interesting?? Well I know for a fact that Amanda wasn't, because I've heard her before. (and probably screamed the same things at her! heh)

After which, I embarked on her revelation wave that her friends were all relatively attractive. I agreed with a lot of her observations but I think the same thing that struck Cleo immediately struck me. I was like "Hello, my mole's only on the left side of my cheek, symmetrical?? AMANDA LEE FAIL PRIMARY 2 MATHS!" I mean like hello, Amanda?? OMG, I JUST REALISED THAT RHYMES WITH 'HELLO PANDA'! :O (sorry, anyway)

she then went on to talk about Dionne calling her gross and again I recall this gross friend I have and begin to chuckle to myself. I shall attempt to list all the things i find gross about Amanda.

(NOTE: This list is definitely not exhaustible. She makes new things gross everyday)

1. The way she throws a frisbee.
- She gets into this stance with one leg behind the other, her back arched, her boobs (however much she has) jutting out grossly, her eyes squinted, her mouth slightly parted, her gaze focused in absolute seriousness on some random spot on the flagpole, the frisbee held above her head, parallel to it like she's trying to block the sun.

Then she flicks her wrist, at the same time jerking her body grossly and emitting an extremely unelegant grunt from her strange mouth. She then straightens up and smiles gleefully at everyone around her like they're supposed to be applauding.

2. Her colour.
- Yeah I know this isn't her fault, and neither is this original because everyone makes fun of her colour, but well... She's like, black. I mean, she's the only chinese girl I know so far who has had racist indian jokes told about her. She's hilarious. Then again, as I was telling her that day, her colour makes her look mouth-wateringly delicious. She's the colour of chocolate fudge brownies, a whole pot of chocolate fondue, honey roasted chicken and and and... chocolate chips. Mm mm..

3. Her ego.
- Amanda Lee has got an insanely huge ego. Especially so because the ego is completely unjustified. I mean, she thinks she sings awesomely well, she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world, she thinks that the things she does is not gross at all. YADA YADA YADA.

(okay Amanda, on a side note, I'm not saying all these things in a mean way to spite you kay. I just find it awesomely hilarious. Please, I still love you like nuts. heh.)

Oh. and she thinks smiling with her mouth wide open makes her look prettier. Amanda Lee Zi Yi is pretty enough to look nice in pictures even without her mouth gaping open like he hinge of her jaw is broken.

4. Her horse laugh.
- Hi Nat, I'm so agreeing wiht you here. Her horse laugh is definitely an important factor which makes her an uncontested president of the 'GOTGC' - 'Grossest Of The Grossest Club'. But then of course, there are those times where her laughter is so cute it's infectious.

So here Amanda, I shall repeat that you are really an excellent friend. An amazing girl who is really nice and sacrificial. You're so amusingly hilarious. If not for you, I'd be sad so much more often.

And other than adding amusement to any conversation, my dear, you're a wonderful listener. You always make me feel better when I share stuff with you. (: Love you girl. :D
(look i even made this post green in honour of you! :D)

Okay i have to admit its awfully funny.

But completely (okay not completely. the part about me being pretty evidently makes some sort of sense) untrue.


Yesterday i went cycling to the zoo.

The zoo.


I repeat the ZOO.

Yeah. From all the way here, i rode to the zoo. About 30km approx, i think. From 1030 in the morning, i rode around the park (10km), then me and my dad made for the zoo.


Not as good as midnight cycling, but the price wasnt as high, so i guess it evens out.

My thighs were yelling, and my shoulders were screaming and my back was cramping and my er, lower part of my anatomy was hurting like THE CRAZIEST SHIT EVER.

But i ploughed on and damn, the feeling of satisfaction was well. SATISFIYING.

If you havent already read about it in my earlier post, (about me being rendered infertile), im going to honestly say that i probably cannt ride another bike in a whole month.

Makes me wonder how Armstong had kids.
Really. Betcha wouldnt have thought he did!


One kid called Luke and twin girls whose names i cannot remember for the life of me.


Its honestly amazing.
Twins too.

Oh and by the way, Frannie got confirmed today. ALong with Lynerd, and Jordana and Chngster and LOADS of other people like Chengmeis and Esther almost everyone catholic i know from school.

Omg, i was so proud of her i almost kissed her.
Evidently i have had such an impact on her life!

Sometimes i surprise myself.

(Notice the bolded, enlarged, coloured in word)

Love ya, Fran!

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