Sunday, November 09, 2008


Midnight cycling is awfully strenuous.

My goodness, is it disgustingly time consuming. SO it says its only from 12pm-6am, but HA. They dont tell you that the next day is totally ruined and you gotta walk around yawning like some idiot who has Oxygen-Deficiency-Disease.

Honestly man, i was so tired in the morning (YEAH WHO WOULDNT IF YOU HAD A FLEETING 3 HOURS OF SLEEP?) that the whole place was spinning so vigorously i fell to the ground after i rolled off my bed.

I can truly say i never felt like that before.

The whole place was spinning so quickly, and i had this undesirable urge to puke my guts out. Gosh, it was like every movement made the place go round and round like it used to when we were kids and would spin on the spot like retards and then plonk on the ground and laugh hysterically as the place spun.

Church was gonna start in 20 minutes so i had 5 minutes to un-tipsyfy myself, yelled my parents (not excactly in those terms) from outside. DAMN.

I tried my best, i did.
My my crappy body was totally crashing on me. I had hit the end of the health spectrum. My body was at its limits.It was shutting down.

Even as i sqautted at the toilet bowl side my head spun and spun and i knew, at that moment, i could not make it to church in time.

(I went for evening mass by myself BAH)

But it was worth the pain, midnight cycling.
And if you could felt felt what I FELT, MAN would you know how worth it it was.

The calmness and wind in your face feeling is something you aint gonna feel in the day.

Ohboy. I gotta go again someday when i can sleep through the next day. Except i'll probably get like, jetlagged and stuff.

We The Cambodians.

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