Sunday, November 16, 2008


My brothers friends are awfully cute.
Theres this kid called Jun Zheng, and he had scrawled on the present


Best Friends!
Today we have lots of fun because i brought 2 things!
Have good results next year and i hope we will be best friends forever!

And in that horribly adorable kiddish penning too.
It was too much for me to take.

Im not much of a squealer, but that had me over the edge. It was so gay!

I was running around insanely, getting the goodie bags for Samuel and the food (chicken wings, christmas tree shaped nuggets, fried rice, beans ect) down to the tables.

And honestly, getting a bunch of eight year olds to play a game of Spoon and Egg is like trying to get a moneky to lay eggs.

In the end, the game we thought the stupidest (namely throwing marbles into the wading pool and shouting GO GET EM!) was without a doubt the crowd favourite.

Namely because we only managed to play that one game. To think we had more than 15 games all lined up! Geez, all that wasted effort.

All they were interested was brainless, skill-less games like spraying each other down with water guns yelling IM JAMES BOND and diving in the pool to find marbles.

But it was sorta worth the effort cause my bro really enjoyed himself, and it was nice to see him all mad and wet and happy with my slightly crazed friends. (13 of them! And 5 of them brought their whole families along! I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Mom, dad, sister, 2 brothers, 2 maids! MAN.)

And plus, invest was a really hoot!

The 3 guys who me and Cleo guided round the school were quite cool, and one of them was just HILARIOUS. Both of us (Cleonme) were laughing our asses off at his sudden quirky comments.

I reckon our school looks really, amazingly nice around 730-ish. I was ushering for PMT and Celine taught me how to meditate while watching the sunset.

So in the middle of the passageway, me and Celine were doing strange things like balancing on a leg and breathing disturbingly loud.


You guys are amazing. Weiqing, Shereen, Cath, Gerry, Becky, Celine and all the rest of them. AMAZING I TELL YOU.

I was so riveted by them i couldnt even move.

Weiqing, you made a crazy suave boy, really!

AND HAHAHA, SHEEREEN TOTALLY FITTED HER PART. The boy crazy, squealing, starrstruck, lovesick teen-age-er. HAHAHAH.

Catheleen was UNBELIEVABLY funny as a pregnant woman. I guffawed so loudly when she said her lines, everyone turned to look, and Nats voice suddenly materialised in my head "You laugh like a horse Amanda. GROSS."

Horses are cool. Lor.

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