Wednesday, October 08, 2008


On a bus. And on a train.

I love riding around the place. Travelling.

You know, i really think people should make travelling a hobby. I dont mean travelling to exotic, lush lands around our stunningly awesome world. People THINK that would be relaxing, but heck no. The packing, the stressing, the plans, the hotels, the booking and the MONEY. It totally defeats the whole purpose of a relaxing, happy, HOBBY.

People are weird.
They can warp up anything.

Riding a BUS on the other hand, is nice.

It is comfy just sittin in a bus and listening to your music, cause you know where youre going, youve nothing to do, you can just be in the zone.

Or, you can do things like, smile at people you dont know, cause, frankly you will never see them again. And whats the use of strangers if you cant embarrass yourself? Plus, you make people happy, because they are amused at you.

And if you can make a poor workaholic who had a day of crap grin by falling down on the bus stairs, why not?

Why not indeed.

*just a side note*
*okay back to my point*

WHY is it relaxing? You do things like,
Like daydream.

People watch. (Hottie watch, yeah, whatever)

Think about stuff.

Or NOT think about stuff. (Which i sometimes find very, very enjoyable. I mean, we're human BEings. We gotta just BE. I cant just THINK all the time. It'll kill you. Think ALL the time and people'll have to call you i dunno, human THINKings. Which is honestly sounds so scary, because not thinking about anything is really a joy, so beautiful. Almost like art. Art is bottomless, and its meaning cannot possibly be quantified and understood through the mechanisms of logic and reason. (Too into Lit. Gross) THUS, you must EXPERIENCE it yourself.


Exams are over but it feels funny, mainly cause i kinda have nothing to do. Bizzare. Its sorta strange that the feeling im feeling now isnt excactly the europhia i was waiting to usher in.

Argh. I finally, ultimately, EVENTUALLY finish my exams and i kinda feel, bored.

BORED! I dont understand it either. Its like dude, just hang loose! Have fun! But NOOOOOOOOOOO. Crazy, insane girl. Even though im probably to blame for this glitch in my almost perfect postEOY holiday. Theres just this guilt that perhaps i shouldnt be doing this. Maybe thats my conscience talking!

MAYBE, it wants me to go and do something more worthwhile than hangout around shopping centers, and watch movies! (Yeah, its scarcely MY fault that my conscience is doing this. I just have so much humanity. Sigh. Thats me, the nice girl. Seriously, give the girl an award.) Yeah, maybe i'll really enjoy myself if i go helpout at an oldfolks home or something. Ythink?


"Hey sweetie, lets go feed Mr Liew today, whilst all my friends go to movies and gush at robots (WALL-E, namely. Those two say Wah eee and Eeee vah over and over again and expect us to sit there and appreaciate it. Scintillating conversation indeed. I MEAN SERIOUSLY i lost all hope in cartoons after that show. It was so brainlessly senseless i wanted to scream because the consuming, all envoloping dullness of it all. Robots are supposed to be categorized, if solely for entertainment, in the SCIFI category. Where theres space-time quantium shit, which i ALSOLUETLY RELISH IN, i mean how cool is that! Thousand times cooler than 2 mute robots who starred in a movie which high point was flying around space with a fireextinguisher or something for like, 5 minutes.

And i know all that stuff about how it cost so much to make it. HAHAHA, it sure cracks me up. Though, i guess ultimately people watch it because they say its 'cute!' Not going to comment on that, because i RESPECT that. I completely respect that people just have different preferences. It like how some people love crocodiles, and somepeople loves cuddling them. Respect, man.) and have crazy parties. We're gonna have so much fun!"

Its a bleak future ahead in my lovelife.

But the again, WHO CARES. Heh.
Slong, im happy. Gods happy. Worlds all good.

Today on the bus back from town i was on a bus where i saw a REEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLYYYYY cute guy. I when i say cute, i dont mean cute the generic, boring way. He wasnt. He wasnt the IN YOUR FACE cute, yknow, it was more the subtle, absurdly unconventional oddness of his features.

He didnt look like the kind of guy who went for shallow girls who, quote ST, subsisted on iced coffee and breathstrips. He looked more like that kind of sexy, poised guys, who knew the difference between a vapid, imbecillic gorgeously beautiful girl (but as i said ALL FAKE) and a intelligently striking one.

He was the kind of guy was was well clear of those revolting male chauvinistic ego and with a perfectly quirky smile and a quaint personality.

He was the provocative type who was intelligent, articulate but was a kooky and sweet too. He had the nicest smile.

Which i happen to think is the most important thing ever, because smiling is so, SO simple, but in that inexplicable twist it is the most beautiful thing to give someone. (ASSUMING ITS A REAL ONE. Heh. Which people call a Duchenne Smile. Its pretty)

Oh wow.
I wanna talk about Kimi Raikkonen and his mysterious unpenetratable inscrutibility. And his sexy chilling blueies. BUT.

I have to pee, so well.
Off i go.

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