Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Last Post For A Long Time To Come

The long awaited time has arrived.

No, im not going to die or go to jail for some organ buying. (if they put Tang The Man in jail, im gonna be real pissed. The man is DYING for goodness sake. DYING I SAY! Its like slapping a old woman, WHATS THE POINT? Wheres the love?).

Anyway, the holidays are coming soon, and im going into fullmode head thumping, heart stopping , STUDYING.

Yes Amanda, yesyesyes you WILL.

As you can see, my drive to study normally lasts, on an average, for about 2 days. Then it fades off like a dying trend.

Im pathetic sometimes. But anyway, i was thinking about lots of things, and those lots of things are so random and crappy im not even gonna attempt to try to verbalize them. Because when i try, it becomes a load of rubbish. This is what make my self esteem plummet.

I think of something which i reckon is really revolutionary. But eveytime i try to think about it again, and tell someone about it with vigour and excitement, all i get is blank faces and and Loo just contorts her face so bad, you cant concentate and then you forget what you were saying..

By that time, of course, i start to realise that it aint so revolutionary anymore. Thats life i guess. So. My point? EVERYONE FEELS LIKE THAT SOMETIMES, NOT JUST YOU. We're all in this together man, youre not the only weirdo.

AND I ALSO REALISED SOMETHING VERY VERY COOL. (Omg sorry i couldnt control myself. But MOCK me all you want. MOCK MOCK MOCK. I just dont feel it anymore, you goonsters. Weirdos make the world go round. No one should be average. Not that i have anything against average people, it just that no one should strive to BE average.)

Back to my realisation.


Omg. That was SO bloody wrong.

What i meant was, i love having ENGLISH oral.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Which sounds so much wronger. HAHAHA. English oral.
(Im going perversely mad. These are the rare moments where i see why guys think those stupid sexual references are SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. Normally i mock them for their disgusting sexual immaturity, but yeah.)

So screw that.
I love having English Oral Examination.
It just so nice to have people listen to you for once, without interrupting! It such a grear feeling, because the examinor wants you to talk on and on and on and they give you their 100% attention.

Its a kinda nice feeling when someone pays you 100% attention. In this anti-love modern society, we multitask so much we forget the meaning of listening.

And i think thats very important for a person. Everyone need someone to listen to them, yknow? Sometimes, just that little 5 minutes of your undivided attention (no saying hi to everyone else, no checking your phone, no listening to your ipod, and most of all NO INTERRUPTING)

Because yknow, i think our conversations nowadays, have become great battles. Your friends says something, and its like 'oh, the balls at my side now, i have to say something". And you say something back. Its like a match. Bong Boing Bong Boing Bong. And it goes on and on, and after a while you start to lose the whole meaning of what the other person is saying and you start talking for the mere sake of talking.

Perhaps im being a little ludicrious?
But then it really applies to me, because sometimes when i talk, i dont even remember what i just said. Which strikes me because it proves im not conscious of what im saying.

We all subconsciously interupt people. Watch yourself next time when youre involved in a conversation, you realise that before the person talking has finished, you'll immediately cut in and say something. This animates the conversation, but it hardly makes it meaningful.

From half-girl pervert to faux philosopher, welcome to Amandaville.

"I can sing in the troubled times
Sing when i win
Sing when i lose my step
And fall down again


I love this song.
This is why i can SING in my troubled times.

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