Monday, August 25, 2008


Been at camp.
Yeah yeah, so i keep going for camp after camp. Hahaha, its getting kinda normal, im starting to pack of the camps just BEFORE i leave because im so used to packing for camps, theres no more Pack-Days-Before-Camp spirit anymore.

But the Pack-Just-Before-You-Leave syndrome aint good for you either, because you might just forget to bring the ONE most important thing. Namely, undies.

You just might.
Im not saying i didnt. I just said you have to remember, because seriooously, some packing lists just dont have the decency to REMIND you that you to bring extra underwear.

So anyway, Church camp was amazing. Reall really really amazing. I truly felt God's presence, yknow? And it was just the greatest camp ever.

Met Joshua, some old neighbour who was (how coincidental is THIS) our group facil. He's some funny shit, hahahah. And all the other facils were too. I shant describe the camp, because the next batch of Sec 3s are gonna be in for RIDE, dude.

No kidding.

I love camp.

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