Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Burping Habit

I'm in a little fix here.

My mom is really grossed out at my incessant burping. I dont know what it is with me and my burping but its frreaking me out.

Take it this way, the air is in your stomach, right? Either it goes UP or it goes DOWN.

I burp when im hungry, cause my tummys full of air. I ALSO burp when im full. This technically means i burps almost throughout my whole life, in little patterns, because if im not full, then im hungry.

AND i also burp when i hiccup. And thats the worse. Im slowing learning to do it silently, but it SO DARN UNCOMFORTABLE. All the crappy air churning inside my body and you have to let it out in tiny, ladylike, little bursts. IT SUCKS.

And yes, the Oh-Limp-Pics fever is OH SO BURNING UP, DUDE. Phleps and Daley are probably the hottest, sexeyiest atheletes to watch. And China's Gold Sweeping trend is quite a cool thing to see. THEIR DIVERS (the Somthing Jing Jing and her parnter) ARE THE MOST CRAZY AMAZING UN-FRIKING-BELIEVABLE THING I HAVE EVER SET EYES UPON FOR A LONGISH TIME.

And my brother, who is 8, keeps saying "I wanna see Roger serve". Haha, Roger, hes the man, dude. My sister is no better, all of them obsessed with the going-to-be-2nd-seeded Federer.

Not that i dont LIKE-LIKE him, but, i think hes seriously too overdecorated. But then again, hes nice in the sense that he sent like, i well-wishing card to Nadal or something like that. And Nadal is nice too cause he said "i dont mind being second in the world, when the first (Federer) is so good" or something along that lines.

Thats really sweet! But probably also very unapt since hes gonna be first very soon. But WHAT A WAY TO END THE 4 YEAR FEDERER MONOPOLY!

So anyway, i ALSO THINK Asafa Powell is awesomely sweaty and extudes the RUNNER MAN kinda charm. Now HE is a true blue Passin In A Smexy Blur Boy. Just that the way we see it, the replays let him pass and PASS AND PASS and PASS in sexy blurs OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


Hes boy way cooler than Boltman. But Boltman is winning anyway, so. Go Jamaicans, go!

Turn up the Olympian fever,


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