Sunday, July 06, 2008


People should install music in books. So at the exciting parts there'll be like, DADUM DADUM DADUM DADUM DADUM BAMDUM. (Like in Jaws or Pirates of the Carrebiean), and at the end, or sappy moment, some sad song like Leavin' by Jesse (Oh wait, thats a gross, sexed up song) to induce tears.

And then at the happy moments, a happy, silly song, like Accidentally in Love, or That Thing You Do (gosh i love that song. Go The Wonders!)

Then at the scariest part, maybe the sound will suddenly stop and go BAM and you'll be so shocked you pee in your pants. I mean how exciting is that!

Omg, its the funniest shit ever, i can see it already.

I think my idea could sell!
HA. I should like patent it already, if im not too lazy. But then again, my theory is that, books should be kept pure and untouched, right? Its simplicity of words alone is what makes it so enjoyable.

The beauty of literature should be straighforward and should not be marred by our evolving world and its technologies that have made our world screwy. (yeah yeah im being subjective here, but come on- objectivity is for graded assesments, not egoistical, mindless, ramdom opinions.)


And i also think Siemens is a very wrong-ish sounding name. I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY when i pick up my phone and i still cant get over it. Call me immature but COME ON, SIEMENS?

In 3000.
"Hey mom, i think we should buy the Pienises computer and the Briests phone."

Oh my, im getting abit out of hand, here. HAHAHA.

So well, if you ever see a singing book, remember, you saw it here first, at AMANDAVILLE.

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