Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I saw Tennis Boy on my way home today.
Didnt realise HE was Blue Shirt Tennis Backhand Hottie, but then again im not good with faces. I fell for his stye, la, not really him. No wonder i thought he was sexyae. All tennis players should be cursed with a lousy face. The way they play can attract people fine.

(Okay, i can understand why Debbie says im a little boy crazy. It only sounds so. In real life, im actually alot worse. But seriously, im a hormonal teenager! What more do you expect from a girl whose whose hormones run amok everytime a virile, masculine guy swings his racquet.)

Its really not fair.

Tennis players who actually play well are the most terrific people to watch. The passion just WHAMS you on the head so hard its had to look away. And the hypnotic 'thock' the ball and racquet is like a musical itself.

I've also figured the word 'Sexy' is tad bit overused.

According to, (which is actually surprisingly dependable)



1. Marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes"

2. Exciting sexual desire

3.Excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car.

Normally, we use in the No 3 way. Sexy car, or sexy towel, or sexy looking shade of blue, the sexy shirt.

Gosh, our kind are losing our word power. Like seriously. Cool has been replaced with Sexy. Its okay if you say that Sexy Car.

But how does, "That car totally arouses me. TAKE ME HOME, OH SEXY CAR"
(Yeah sorry. The last part was a little redundant)

Which actually probably happened before. I guess objects kinda do arouse people of this day and age. Considering how loosely we use the word 'arouse', next time we'll be having passionate sex with our car.

OMG, which probably has happened before.

Man, humans are becoming a little weird. We'd better try to get into Mensa or something. I think they have some indestructable capsule that Mensa-ians can get into if someone tries to bomb to whole Earth. And considering that countless unstable people we have now, it might just be tomorrow.

Gee. Only people with IQs higher than the age of the oldest person alive can get into their intelligence based society, to populate the world again, if ever there should be a EARTH SHATTERING BOMB.

Then the Mensans will climb safely into their little capsule, and stay there, talking about intelligent things while the rest of the Earth gets fried. Soon, the Earth will only have the smartest people living in it, and they will populate it so that every single little child will have IQs higher than a Havard graduate.


-End of Digression-

Anyway, i just wanted to say that Fiona and Chumz have made Track Camp one of the best ever. And good ole Fwannie and Joni-O.

Sometimes, i really wonder what i ever did to deserve them, these beautiful, wonderful friends i have. Then i sneer at my wonderment, and appreciate them with my all.

And Inez made my dinner, Egg-hamish stuff, and Ikan Bilis. OMG, the stuff was the best thing ive eaten in a long time. My brother and sister gobbled 3/4 of it down before i could even try it. It was THAT good.

Man, if this doesnt sounds pervertic, i would marry her if i was a guy. But i aint, and trust me, im happy about that. BUT FRIGGIN SERIOUSLY. Who wouldnt marry a girl who can cook such yummy stuff, and has such passion for her sport, and looks so cool when she soars over the hurdle?


Sigh, i toldja i had great friends.

I love my life.

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