Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Competition is drawing to a close, and im freaking my ass off. For real. I hope so much that i can get into the finals. Really.

After today's relay training, i was cutting through the park to get to my little gate. The weather was awesome, and i watched sweaty runners run, with their earpieces stuck fast in their earlobes.

I suddenly had a revelation!

If i said something real loud to them, THEY WOULDNT HEAR ME. Looking out for the next victim, i slowed my pace. Alas, the upcoming jogger was a
sleeveless boy who was glistening sweat.

Yeah, so i got sorta distracted.

*He passed in a sexy blur*

After he floated past, i felt the wondrous wind in my face, and i looked around. The park was like a litle safe haven, like a little creek with a magical feel to it. (Its Midsummer Night's Dream, i tell you. Its making me think weird)

I felt like lying down so bad, i thought my knees were gonna buckle. The TEMEPTATION of just lying down on that small little road with the trees covering me, and the wind in my face was too strong.

Forcing myself to MOVE away, because only bad thing happen to girls who sleep on roads. (Sadistic people step on you, kind people call the ambulance, and perverts put you in a potato sack and do pervertic things to you. It dont get better than that.)

So well.
Its been an exciting day in Amandaville, goodbye.

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