Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have realised, that THAT is the easiest way to catch people's attention.

Point to case.

Man 1.
"Hello everyone, today, id like to talk to you about the importance of blahblahblah."

Man 2.

Normal people will be more inclined to hear what the second person has to say, unless, of course, the speaker is mentally unsound. Wait, screw that.

People love to hear crazy people speak.

I agree that this is probably a very unfair illustration, but i make my point.

I have ting xie on tuesday.
Tomorrow i have tuition and training till 10, thus i have no choice but to mug it out tonight. And i really need to log out soon. GAH.

At the same time, i realise i live around strange, kooky people.

And im glad.

I went out with Cleo, Vaness and Nat to suprise DIONNE and we made such a ruckus at pizaahhhut.. I tried smoshing cake in Dionnes face, but i failed miserably. It ended up bouncing off her glasses and falling innnocently to the ground.

Ah, pathetic.

Then everyone got pissed that i spoiled the great cake smashing opportunity.

Thus they turned on me and smashed me instead.

Yeah well.
They people i know are the most fantastic-est people ever.

Sighs Contentedly.

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