Friday, May 09, 2008


I respect a whole bunch of people, including Lee Kwan Yew.

But then again, i've never met him, even though sometimes i wonder how he manages with that huge brain of his. It actually kinda protrudes OUT from his head, and its such a interesting thing to observe when he makes speeches.

I get somewhat mesmerised.

But this is not about Lee Kwan Yew.
And to all those disappointed, LKY fans, im sorry.

This is about Wei Qing, though.

She is someone i respect a whole lot.

One of the topics for today's impromtu speech was "Who Do You Respect Most" or "Who Do you Admire Most" or something along that lines.

A faint -did i say faint, i meant loud- echoing WEI QING was volunteered when the topic was announced. Unsurprisingly, the culprit of the noise was none other than Wei Qing herself.


Its her realism, i tell you. I dont care if there aint such a word, but there sure SHOULD be. We should all aim for realism.

A state where you are completely true to yourself, and where you can admit your faults, be able to love unconditionally, and to be crazy, funny and confident at the same time.

I want to achieve realism.
Im halfway there, yknow. God's helping a whole lot.

-And Wei Qing, just count this as a late birthday present. Dont let it get to your head too much, boob. But really, I DO MEAN IT.-


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