Sunday, April 06, 2008


Its interresting to know that not many of my friends have had their first kiss.

It comes from having calm and steady buddies who dont kiss everyone who they fall in lust with. Of course, i emphasize NOT MANY.

(Not that kissing is a bad thing.


Its is ALSO interesting to know that i have. Had my first kiss, that is.

Its was a fantastic day out and i was taken unawares when this sexy ASCI boy from the track and field competition this morning (omg, he was really darn gorgeous) caught my attention. Yeah well. But everyone said he was ugly.

Thus i talked about him MORE.

Sometimes im glad i have such unique tastes. At least no one would be fighting with me for a guy i like.

But thats not in the story.


I was at Mt E, visiting my Ahgong, and my cousin Cedric, was in a fantastic mood.

Dont ask me why, it is the first time he let me touch him. Anyway, in the end i kissed him on both cheeks, and he kissed me on both cheeks and it was so EXHILARATING.(haha, Hannie the Jesus dont know what it means).

Then Auntie Marissa said, hey kiss him on his lips.

And so i did. What can i say? Incest!!!

When im 30 he'll be 15. I'll tell him then that I TOOK HIS FIRST KISS. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA.

I have a Bio test.

And Yesterday was really fun, by the way, with Mr Ian and Jennifer and Nez and Cra and Bobbies and Ser and Wei and Hao and Lyn and Lj and Awwin and Valerie and the Leafs in Bobbies Pants and best of all AH LONG GE. No kiddin, his name IS AHLONG.

We were hollering the Ah la la LONG song , and then we realised he was called AH LONG! It prbably dont sound amusing much now, but if you had been THEREE!!!!

I was rolling over laughing and spasming on the ground.

Well not really. But it was funny.

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