Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Day I Did Business

HC boys dominate VBC.
Its annoying how they have earned 110mil in 2 days. I suspect professional hacking, but people like me do not speculate.

It is most, exceedingly, embarrassing.

Perhaps, (i say this with a little, regretful sigh) im not cut out to do business after all. I think i shall be a overall manager for a Christian Band. Manager-cum-beatboxer.

I can beatbox, you know.

But it sounds strangely bizzare. Unlike the usual MUNDANE beatboxing, it sounds like someone puking, coughing and burping unanimously. I dont know, somehow everything i do turns out cooler than others.

Ahh, sometimes i just dont know how i do it.

But anyway,
For now, the tentative band name is either

-The Rubber Band
(Hair works too.)



Both of which crack me up.

Go figure.

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