Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ode to Bike

My father has his bike ugraded.

WHEEEEE, guess who got the old one? Technically, you wont call it old, cause it aint really. Its really sleek. The wheels are so thin they slice the air. Its a BEAUTY i tell you.

Only thing is, the seat is too high. Im not what people call exceptionally tall, either. So, just to get into the seat, i have to do a little hop-jump-holler dance thing. And then when you land on the seat, it hurts so-so-so bad.

THEN, while my cool new bike slices through the air with a newfound speed, im DYING of pain. For real. Its like, down there, hurting like shueat.

Me: Mom, im going to become infertile. Dont wish for any grandkids.
Mom: Hahahah. Does it really hurt? Dad can ride this all the way to Mandai!
Me: No wonder we've no more brothers and sisters.

Off visiting again. G'dbye!

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