Friday, February 08, 2008

Let Me Light Up the Sky

Me and Bels family went to see the fireworks at Marina. It was gorgeous. 'Specially the curly whirly ones. It was hypnotising. Like, really, really fantastic.

Loads better than the crappy NDP one.

For one, it was longer. And prettier, and brighter, PLUS it had climaxes and varieties of colours and shapes and heights. I was humming a very fitting song under my breath when the finale sparks exploded in mid sky. No prizes for the right answer:) (See up)

Sipping Starbucks in the cold night's air, with a faint little buzz of excitement, the first few sparks shot up and the whole congregation of people rose. Then fireworks sizzled and burst, and explosions of colours materialised in the dark night's air, and electricity was humming through the veins of everyone.

It was the bomb!

CNY has been a whirl of a time!

Though it kinda weird, cause i keep trying to recapture the anxiousness and excitement i feel for the festival, but somehow, this year, its muffled, and in a way, subdued.

Maybe this is what they call
"Growing Up".

Which kinda sucks, if you ask me.

Theres no more "qi fen". I tried to tell my cousins that we had to get the 'feeeeel' back into chinese new year, but they didnt get it. They thought i was crazy. I said everyone had to sit down at the huge table to eat reunion dinner TOGETHER and then we could talk and have the feel of closeness and everything.

Everyone took a bowl and scooped some stuff and some left for Xbox, and some came late, and it was all just not there! WHERES THE SPIRIT?!

But my cousins and i do have a large age gap. Considering the closest cousin i have to my age is either my 19 year old kor or my ah-dorable 4 year old Angelii.

Bu i still love chinese new year.

So do i love Ms Eu.

Its 1.45 and i should tell you that the Jack Neo Ah-Long movie was SERIOUSLY worth the watch. No kidding, it was helluva funny (i was dying, i couldnt even breathe properly, laughing too hard) and it was full of twists.

I LOVE THE LA LA LONG song. Love it Love it LOVE IT.

Neo does it again!


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