Saturday, February 16, 2008

Be My Valentine

I love valentine's day.
I got a fantastic flower from Jeann and a pretty pineapple from Loos. Cara gave me a Mario mushroom wallet. The cutest thingy i've never seen. I think its one of Marios enemies and he has to squash them.

Valentine, Valentine.

My brother is currently, busy creating a woman.
Helping her choose clothes, and dressing her up, and helping her make babies, choosing her skin colour and all that. Sims 2! The new IN thing for 7 year olds.

Hes a funny boy, i'll say.

He always storms into a room when he doesnt get his way. Then he'll come out awhile later, pretending nothing happened cause no one goes looking for him. Y'know no use sulking when NOOOOBODY cares. Haha.

I found the song Stop and Stare finally.

Rules, baby.

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