Sunday, January 06, 2008

I have just wearily completed my Commonwealth essay. It took long enough, and it is now no longer the 5th, but the 6th. Tommrow, i have to go back to school again. *Sigh*. Im so tired but i will have no time to blog later. (Later being when i wake, but not tomorrow. Oh whatever.)

Its 12.23pm.

Now 12.24pm.

Oh good greif, im blanking out.

My boyfriend must have the face of Adonis. Oh boy, now im sleep typing.

Ho Ho Ho. Ha Ha Ha.

Just wanted to say that i found something very amusing on the internet today.

An innocent, little bystander, (something like me) would think, "Oh! It means to encourage creativity" But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Its means to freaking LOVE TO CREATE. Create little babies and pass them out real fast.

Yknow putting in BLUNTLY, reproductive, sensual, SEXUAL?

Heh. Its kinda funny.

The opposite of virile, is IMPOTENT.
Which is also very funny.

Save me, im turning gender! Only guys find these kinda disgusting sex stuff funny. Im becoming androgynous. EPICENCE! Im going gay. Im crazy, i tell you, CRAZY.


I think 3 Hope rules.

Dinnie Dionney is full of crap and is WILDG-G-G-GIRL CRRRAZYY FUNNY, and Vannessa is so sweetie weird cute and funny. She seems to find whatever i do must-laugh-at-ed, which might be a little insulting, but shes too full of sincerity, shes hard to have negative feelings toward. HAHA. Go Go VANNEEEESAA.

And Mad little Nat, Shu Shuien (is that right?) and Wei Qing! Qing Qing Qing QING! With the Di SHI SHEN. And Abigails with her chopstick legs. Their all funny as anything, LOVELY, DELIGHTFUL PEOPLE.

Heey, i really dont regret going to 3 Hope, though i miss 2 Hopians so much it hurts too.





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