Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whoolabalonkers dancing on the bench like lumberjacks.
-Euden the (Self Acclaimed) Great

Love the description of our very own WHOOLABLONKERS, sweetie. Very true.

Say, ya'll.
Did-i say? On Sun, me and Cra went to do some contributions for the Greater Good. Thus embarking on our philanthropic enterprise, to earn moral-points for self betterment.

Yeah, whatever.

I got VERY over my fear of long balloons.
You know, the kind where those magicians twist and turn and make something resembling an animal or toy in a few seconds while you stare jaw droppingly in awe?

Yeah. I used to be scared shitless that they would burst when you twisted then with such vigour and recklessness. Yeah, i was the kid who covered her ears, looking like a fool but yearning for the stupid Air-Puffed-Sword.

Now i can make a deformed dog. And a bear, and a heart, and a sword, and a flower. Though the flowers turn out awfully unproportionate and uncannily like a ball with fungus growing on it.

But i figured the fancy handwork the magicians do it all for show.
Cause i tried making myself look professional, but trust me, its a tough feat when 6 little girls want heart shapes, 2 want bears and 4 little males yell for swords.

AND all you have left in your measly garbage is lousy dogs which, kids seem to hate because its the easiest to make.

We we stuck with balloon making instead of doing face-painting, or games beacuse for some odd reason all the other volunteers had a little PHOBIA OF BALLOONS.

But damn, so did i, yo.
And look- i made it through! Alive.

The circumstances called for it, thus we came.

We met a volunteer mage, who said he was 16. But we thought he looked more like 26. Really. No kidding. But he was kinda crappy at the tricks.

I knew most-ah them, but the coolest was the one where he made the numbers on teh cards dissappear. But i saw that trick before too.

I dont think anyone should call themselves MAGICIANS until they can do the stuff Chris Angel can. Yknow, the crazy, MindFreak guy?

Gosh, i LOVE watching him do those strange, kooky, stuff.
Its so funny how the people get so freaked! They seriously puke and faint and all that.

But, they say its black magic and all that.

Mysteries of the world, eh?

-Hey Oh. Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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