Monday, December 03, 2007

(hello in German, ya'll)


Imma tell you, Langkawi was IN-CREDIBLE IMMENSE BANG-UP BESTEST! Promise im not sugarcoating.

Hit me, baybuh.

Even the name sounds sunny. Which it is.
Sunny, i mean. Guardate! Sun!

It was a sunny day in Langkawi.

We touched down safely to the not-so-eye-catching, sunny island of Langkawi, into the welcoming arms of the Brothers Who Had Waited Very Long.

Yeah well.
Tell that to the SilkyAir and their 2 hour delay, yo.

I sleep the earliest, that night,

wake up to a brand new sunny day.

Red hot on BSA, (Boy Seach Alert) we scour the surroundings in vain. The men are nothing for me, Ewdear, Naos, Mei, and Qian. Disappointing, really.

With sniffy blocky noses and disgusting eyebags, we go for the first activity. Mangrove tour, YA'LL!

Few sights.

The crazily, human-like monkeys, magestic eagles, bat caves, and the CROCODILE CAVE.

Sound cool?
It was.

The crocodile cave was a big joke, though.
There was nothing much in it. I seriously wonder how they name these sights. There was no croc in sight, and neither did the cave resemble a crocodile in any way.

Sometimes, i have a feelin they do it up aLOT to make it sound cooler than it is. Like some little rock would be called 'ROCKIN ROOSTER ROCK' cause, well i dunno. Alliteration eh? But you get my point.

Theres no need to have a reason, cause they dont understand you anyway.

Then we travel to the top of this terrif mountain.

The view from up there was mind-blowing. Really, like UNREAL, man. It was so awesome i wanted to stay there all day. So stunning and superb, the kind that makes you reflect about things. It was incredible.

Ah-mean it.
Breathtaking, beautiful, badass, BAMMING, FANTASTIC.

The girls made a pact to get married up there.
Wei and Heng were being stupid on a bench, pretending to fly.

Then we go to the beach and play

Its a cool game, but it sure stunts growth.

You sit on slippery shoulders of the Wei-man and Bing-man. Then bang-bash-strangle-push the other pair apart.

Simply, its something like wrestling, but you gotta sit on someone's shoulders try to push the other sitting-on-the-shoulder-person off.

My mom, as she told me later, was a little shaken while she was watching.

"I used to like guys when i saw your age, you know! We used to be so self consious around them, but you all sit on their shoulders like its nothing! I think you all have the brother-sister relationship, maybe"

Yeah right.
But then again, we'd never know.

Its kinda like, y'know.

Oh boy.
This is getting too long.

I'll summarise the next 4 days.

Oggole. OF COURSE, our BSAs were ultimately rewarded, seeing as me and Dea saw this hotter-than hot boy. Chyn, read his scorching bright red jersey. Dreamy, baby.

-Farewell Bings-
*Sob heart out*
It was a real sad moment. We all felt like shit. Bet Wei had it worst.

Next day was a slackie day.
We had a CupNoodle Fest, and stuff.
It was kinda disturbing, now i think of it, gobbling cup noodles at that speed.

Beach, and we caught little crabbies.
Then lost my voice from Jetski-ing.

Me and Wei rode together, (letting the past be forgotten, yknow, the big ATV crash with the chicken and dog living in harmony) into the horizon and i lost my voice screaming.

JETSKI is way sweeeeeet.

On the last day, we shop.
And shop

And shop.

And shop.

And shop.

The mall's like teensy, but the stuff are aye-okay.

So ends the Langkawi Adventure,
And into a new chapter of my life.


-Inconsolable. Backstreet Boys.

Heres a in-dept post on our days. It'll do till i have the mood. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU EUDEA! She wrote it all. Dunno how she does it, shes da man.

"Day 3(Thurs):
islandhopping! we went to a few islands on this super fast speedboat to a paddling place and we rented paddleboats except for shee and marcus the lazy ones who got solar powered boats. me and nao,mandy and quan,bing and becca,qian and wei paired up and we paddled SLOWLY in a choochoo train, or at least we tried to. we had to cover our plastic bags with towels ridiculously, so the monkeys wouldnt attack them. then we islandhopped to a beach that cannot be called a beach because its all rocky and eew. ours was nicer! me and man saw CHYN! ooh yea, BSA the hotties. ahahaha. we then went back to our nice beach and swam for a minute, then jumped in the pool. unsurprisingly got caught by the guard with our shirts we bathed and went for lunch,murder once again,with the "qian bian face i say first"s. and then we went parasailing. OH MY GOSH it was the coolest uber thing eva! like fLyInG! bing went first and he shouted all the time, and then wei and quan went, lookin gay what with the positioning, and me and mandy looking les what with the same positioning as them. but nonethless, it was worth it, though it would be funner going alone. and then me and mandy went on the jetski back, mady had to hold the fat black guy and i was behind her. hahaha. bing said the guy beat his hands on his stomach and signaled bing to wrap his hands around them. like, EEW. so sickening. dinner at cactus was great,the guys were so cool and friendly and the food rocked! ok, apart from the tuna sandwich i forced down my throat. twister was horrid, me being UNDER quan's stinkin butt. and wei and bing going seriously gay.HAHAHA. then the director naomi rose up to the throne and we played white chicks with wei and quan and bing.HILARIOUS i tell you,what with wei having the girly voice and all,we just collapsed into heaps of luffter.hehe.night everybody.

Day4(FRI-the day bings leave):so the canopy trek was not that fun. wait a minute, we didnt even get to the canopy walk! the only fun thing was the flying fox. but the german guys were cool. one called huergan i think.VIELEN DANK! heeeeees.we ate our packed hardboiled eggs and bread-smuggled from breakfast-and then we abseiled down! whheee. then we had dinner at the cactus AGAIN,with tequila prawns! and then they night we watched 102 dalmatians and i recognised 2 actors-the cruella de vil was from stepford wives! and the main guy from fantastic 4! coolibachoolie. next we slept early, different from late nights and RESTED.ahhh,how nice.

Day5(SAT):it was the day to finally use the hotel and beach facilities. we went soccer-ing and captain ball-ing and ping-pong-ing and jetskiing! ater which, me and qian caught the crabs.uncle edmund said we looked like 2 lunatics running after nothing on the beach,but it was uber fun!ok.thats all for the day.HAHAHAHAAH.CACTUS again and we saw the magical tricks and all.COOL!Day6(Sun-leaving date)breakfast at cactus for a change. then we went for INTENSIVE shoppiing. the 30 mins ride in the hot squashed greenhouse taxi was unbearable. and guess what? i only bought two shirts and a pants and a tote from converse,9.90 RM. talk about stocking up. when we went to the airport, they said the flight had been "overbooked". first we didnt imagine that this kind of thing would happen. we had to split up! so dad "sacrificed", though it was first class and business class, if you call that sacrificing. nao interviewed this air stewardess that supposedly looked like her. and OH Dick Lee was in business class with mandy and gongong! gosh how cool. beck felt like puking a little, then she told me actually she felt like puking cos she was thinking of the mushy green puff we had on our flight to langkawi.HAHA. so we landed and did serious BSA and becca saw this tall hottie pilot! cool dudes. mandy saw her "choco man". haha. and thats all folks now i have to do homework-finish it up! so seeya dont wanna be ya!"

Deepest thanks to my dear Eudea. THANK YOU.
Go there for all 5 days.

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